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2/2/03, approx. 2.05

am exceedingly bored, and bored, and bored some more. thinking about working on the pets page, but then again thinking about just continuing to be exceedingly bored. it is entertaining, in a strange sort of fashion. ok, I think I should skip off and force myself to do something. pets page, here I come.

1/31/03, approx. 12:25

erm...que pasa? alrighty, this is my website. it is going to be very interesting, having such a thing to rant my pretty little head out. um, here I am, at school, like any normal teenager on a a dreary Friday such as this. obviously I'm in the library, pattering away, and every thinks I'm working on my Power Point for French...but I'm already finished. yeah. this is my very newest endeavor, such a personal site. well, since this is the first entry into my little digital diary, I shall say something about me. My name is Taylor, I live in an undisclosed town and go to an undisclosed school. I am so undisclosed parce que I do not want some perv saying look how sexy and knowing where I sleep and what I did last summer. amusing, isn't it. very. me me me...I am just so very interesting. I like to horseback ride [MONEY BEAR! ah, spasms...] to listen to awesome music, and to hang around like a fat lazy person [which I am not] and watch TV. my life is somewhat of a soap opera or sitcom, whichever you prefer, but I'll get to taht later. farewell, I am going to trot off and work on another page now. toodles.