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3/11/03, 7:06 pm

Drama chronicles, volume two. I am playing witness to crazed acts of, erm, teenage sexuality, to say the leasy. *ahem* you don't want to see it...anne frank, our play, got rehearsed first, so we are up here "organizing the makeup." so basically, a select few of the respectable cast of anne frank are having a mini orgy up here in the drama classroom. omg, madison hack just did a quasi-stripper move, one of those shakira wavey things. I am not much of a dancer, just a recorder of the only pieces we will remember from our play. we are all gonna be forty and at some cocktail party, being like "what was that play we did? oh remember dean and omar?" hehe. lord, I've never heard such ghetto music in my life. damn.

3/10/03, 9:50 am

Ugh. drama sucks, man. getting out of science to help my little cast of people run lines and go over stuff and blah blah blah, all the time every day, never ending. ms.terhune says adamently we do not have enough "tension" for the fact we have a play in two days. oh dear. oh well, at least I'm not actually in the play. *evil cackle* mua.