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---Oh, and by the way, I did used to personalize under Taylor, so if you see that on the pix, I didn't steal them or anything. I just felt like changing my name.


A nifty pic. It's got three different fonts, and I enhanced the girl's green eyes and added a watercolor effect.

I love this pic. Do not ask me why, because other than the fact the guy is really hot (tee hee) it's pretty normal. It does have this cool thing where I blur the pic, and then up the contrast. Makes it look all cooliefied. And then the scribbly font is really kickass.

A weird pic, but I like the way the two stripes combine to be orange over his eye.

horses -- more complex

I LOVE this pic!! I like the mood I created with the highlighted tear and the fuzzy, smeared look of the painting. However, I had a serious blond moment and cut his neck out all funny. But, other than that...

I like this one's one of the first pics that I used a background I actually made. I was still sort of perfecting my cutting technique here, so that's why the horse is kind of jagged.

I lurve this pic, lol. It's very simple on the surface, but the pic of the horse went through all kinds of weird stuff to look the way it does, and I looked for hours to find that font at the bottom. It was worth it, though.

This one is very, very pretty, especially for me. I don't know what I was up to when I made it, but I wouldn't guess it was made by me. It is still one of my favorites, though.

I made this in a brief stint as a personalizer at a studio that kind of folded while I was on leave, lol, but that's ok. this is still a cool pic, and I like the quote I used.

My most recent...and I think this one's awesome. the mood is perfect for the character, and the effect on the pic turned out really cool. the text for his name looks cool too, especially since I had to use paint and transfer it since my computer was being an ass.

This is one of my two Pyromaniac pics that made the portfolio cut. The horse has two layers, and the text for the song lyrics has four to create the shadow that goes all the way around. Now that I think about it, the font for his name wasn't exactly the right one, but at this point I had just figured out how to download fonts, so...

This is a pretty good pic. I really like the way I made the horse's pic look, and the way the text has the background of all the different fonts but the one that stands out is the simplest one.

I made this pic about a year ago, and it is the only one from that period in my pic making that I have kept as an example for me. My only regret about it is it could have stood to be a bit bigger. But other than that, I love it.

This is a pretty nifty pic. I like the theme of red and orange, and how it shows the character's personality as a bit of a ditz.

horses -- simpler

ATARI!! This is another one of those ones I just really like. The horse has two layers of effects on him; a lithograph etching and the fade on the edges, and the font is as simple as can be, but I used the perfect song for the character, and I like the way I laid the quote across his name.

This is my favorite Pyromaniac picture, out of the five I've made for him. This was the last one I used for him before I decided to retire him, and it really shows how he felt at the last few months I played him. It's very simple, but I think shows the complex nature of the character. I just like it.