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Tabatha is loved and missed by
Her Mom, Lisa Watkins, Dad Barry Wooten, stepmom Melissa Wooten.
Her brothers Shaun Wooten,Arlin Blevins 3rd,Brandon Wooten.
Her sisters,Amanda Kerr and Selena Watkins.

Your smile brought me sunshine
your eyes lit up a room.
You were a piece of Heaven,
God's perfect flower in bloom.
But like the beautiful flower
it soon would have to die
You are with God in Heaven
and I should not want to cry.
But I miss you so badly
and my heart is broke into.
For in you I saw Heaven
and knew God's promise was true.
I believe you were an Angel
sent to earth from above.
To guide me to the right path
that brought me God's Love.
I thank God for his gift
if only for a short while.
For in your eyes I saw Heaven
God's Love was on your smile.

written by Lisa Watkins
For Tabatha Wooten

Tabatha was a beautiful and caring person. She was loved by every body. I feel she was an Angel sent down to look after me and her family. All her life she worried about every one else. We miss her terrible and hope to see her again one day.

Tabatha was a CNA at the nursing home and loved her residents. They adored her too. She loved colorquard and teaching it to others.

She was so full of life and energy. She is truely missed and loved by all.

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