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12/17/03- Due to many days of not being able to work, and some thinking about what kind of site to do, my first day of actual work concerning this site begins. I plan to make a few pages with links, and see what I can find on the internet about music. Until tomorrow. Oh, and sorry about the pictures.

12/18/03- Another day of fruitless updating has yielded not too much. Maybe today I shall actually make the pages I am supposed to be linking to here. Yeah, I think that would be a good idea. Until later...

1/5/04- Well, happy new year, I guess. I hope that this computer doesn't crash again, but it might seeing as how for some odd reason it was left on all vacation, due to its complete lack of ability to turn itself off. Oh well. I don't even know if I'll be able to finish the site in time. I also just had to switch computers. This is all meaningless chatter, though, do I'll get on with the updating.

1/6/04- Again, I'm back, and the computer is finally working, or so it seems. This site has almost turned into my online journal, which is weird, especially when I figured I would list just a short thing here every once in a while. Instead, I update every single day that I am here, and it is lengthier than I had imagined. Well, anything goes as far as updating is concerned I'm working on the Credits page to try and meet the deadline for tomorrow. Hopefully my pages will pass. Until later...

1/7/04- Wee, it's the big day where my index page is judged. How fun...not. I know I have pretty much all of the stuff, but I always seem to think I'm forgetting something. This wouldn't be a surprise, though, because I always seem to lose stuff anyway. Oh well, I guess the main problem is the index not being interesting to look at. I reduced the text size to reduce scrolling, but it still looks really bland. I've been searching for pictures lately, but to no avail. Another problem with the computer's saving protocol has restricted me from viewing files I saved but one minute ago. Hopefully I can fix this in time.

1/9/04- By request, this feature has been moved to a more appropriate page, entitled "About Me". Apparently, it was too much of a  journal for an update page. Oh well, it'll be ok.

1/14/04- Well, I guess it wasn't all ok. You wouldn't be able to tell, because you haven't seen it before, since this has yet to be published, but I had to move everything to a whole new page. Well, at least I get another of the required pages done with this.

1/21/04- Well, it's the last day and the last update. I bid you farewell, and thank you for bothering to read this site. I know it's not much and it won't get past Mrs. Borges, but I hope someone will stumble by and spend a few seconds here. Again, thank you.

Jazz Trumpets Unite