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    I would like to thank, first and foremost Animation Factory for the picture of a music note playing the trumpet. You can click the picture to go to the main site, but to get full access to all pictures, a membership is required.   Second, is my favorite comedic group of all time, Monty Python, and the website Monty Python's Completely Useless Website for the scripts for the movies and skits that I link to.



Jazz Trumpets Unite

    Next is GIFWorks, which provided me with the banner at the top of my main page as well as my Music page and the Monty Python page.   After that is the Google Image Search, which provided me with the trumpet on the top right corner (taken on 6/7/04), as well as the jazz player (taken on 6/7/04) right below. Again, from Google Images is the posters of the Monty Python movies on the Monty Python page, taken on (1/20/04)