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Natalie Ellen Riley (Ella)- Generically attractive blue-eyed blonde who falls head over heels in love for the charismatic but delightfully awkward George Harrison. A matriculated honor student and clever young lady in her own right. She has to fight her mother's autocratic ruling if she wants an independent life.

George Harrison- The veritable apple of Ella's eye. Youngest member and lead guitarist of the Beatles. Tall, dark and brooding, but still well-mannered, caring and quick witted.

John Lennon- Possibly the most complex acquaintance of Ella's. Leader of the Beatles and boyfriend of Halle's.

Paul McCartney- The only one with the winning McCartney charm. True blue friend of Ella's and object of Anya's affection.

Halle Slater- Just as sharp as any of the boys, but still a decorous young woman. Along with Anya and Ella, she is part of the inseparable Slater/Dawson/Riley trio. Lush chestnut brown hair to match her gorgeous dark eyes.

Anya Dawson- The most unpretentious and brilliant of the group. Paul's best girl and everyone's cheerful pal. Anya has beautiful golden-brownish shoulder length hair and emerald eyes.

Samantha Riley- Slightly pompous mother of Ella. Tries hard to raise her children the proper way maybe not realizing their rightful objections. She and her family are upper-middle class. Samantha is completely opposed to Ella's new friends, especially George, and constantly challenges her actions.

Brian Riley- The softer half of Ella's parental unit. More accepting of Ella's new changes, but not totally unvoiced. Brian is a lawyer and generally affluent because of that.

Ariyan Emeralis, Jenny Brockhurst, Lauren Abbot, Alison Coleman, and Julia Keller- All friends of Ella's before and after her meeting with George.


Early summer 1960-1961 (Mostly takes place in Liverpool)

Author's Notes:

Hi, this is me:

What can you deduce from this picture? Well, I am obviously camera shy. And you can sort of tell that this is from my vacation to Pensacola Beach, Florida. What is also visible is the fact that I am no taller than the average big screen TV, meaning that I am not very old. I have dark blonde curly hair. (yuck) What you can't tell from this photograph is that I am a writer and life-long straight-A student. I love George Harrison. (Naw, really?) Okay, yes, I know that I'm not Shakespeare or Agatha Christie. But my story can't be the worst thing you've ever read. Oh, you also may be wondering where I got the bizarre title, Silver Tears. At first, I thought that something with the word "silver" in it would be pretty because one of my friends is obsessed with that color. I also thought that "tears" was a nice word. Thus, I stuck them together and voilá! Later on in the story, I used the phrase to desribe something. Then, after creating the title, I heard the exact words, "silvery tears" and "silver tear" in two of my favorite songs, "Scarborough Fair", by Simon and Garfunkel and "Carolina in My Mind," by James Taylor. Very cool, at least I think. Well, if you aren't running away already, maybe you'd like to know more about me...

No need to remind me that it isn't completely accurate. (e.g. "Oh my gosh! Everyone knows that George only sleeps on the right side of the bed! How could she?!?") I am only 14, for crying out loud! Just go easy if it's just a little boo-boo, but if you start to lose sleep over it, please inform me and I will try my best to right the devastating wrong. I know how much people hate reading stories with grammatical and spelling errors, so I again tried to rid my writing of them.

This is a rather new innovation that I have never seen before, so those of you who zoned out a while ago,


Okay, for those who are interested in what Natalie wears in the story click here for some photos of the contents of her closet!

Next, I would like to establish that this is so totally under construction it's not funny. You might stumble across parts that aren't coherent, but don't worry, I haven't gone insane yet. (Some people may beg to differ...) It's just me working on a part that is rather crucial to the plot. I will update this at least every week because I have lost control of my life. (j/k) But this story is, like, my third priority. (First school, then my friends and family, then dedicating my life to fawning over George Harrison and writing my free time away...) So there will most likely be new parts to it all the time. Not just in the form of new chapters. You may want to check back in the early chapters for new developments, for I am still slaving away making them better.

Moving along, I would like to explain how this whole mess began. For those who are allergic to stupid rambling, please tune out now. It is most likely a combination of way too much free time, an overactive imagination and an overpowering obsession with the Adonis that is George Harrison. I read my first Beatles fan fiction in May of 2001. (Yeah, I know you're thinking, "Where has this girl been? Under a rock? How could she have not read any until then?") I don't even remember what it was, except for that it was a John story. (Hmm, talk about short-term memory loss.) After that, I was totally hooked. This was about the time when school let out. (Does a happy jig.) This was also when I got a computer in my room. Now I could become a total recluse and ignore the real world. (j/k) But I was on the Internet whenever I wasn't at the beach and hanging at the pool. (Which really wasn't that much. I truly do have a social life, for those who were wondering.) Wow, I am completely off subject. Well, as I was soaking up BFF as fast as my mind could process it, the few brain cells rattling around in my head started to wake up and smell the coffee...

Brain Cell 1 of 3: "Hey, number two, there's no George Harrison stuff out there!"

BC 2: "Wow, you're right! How terrible! Numero tres, oh goodness, GET UP, you lazy good-for-nothing!"

BC 3: (startled out of his Rip Van Winkle-like sleep) "What? Did they decide on a president yet?"

BC 1: (smacks his tiny cellular forehead) "You dipwad! That was ages ago! This is far more important than that! There is no George fan fiction on the web!"

BC 3: *gasp*"We have to do something!"

So, with the help of my observant and alert cell buddies, I started to write my story with a mission in my heart, pen in my hand and doughnut in my mouth. Unfortunately, several trips to la playa y la piscina interrupted my work. I hope that soon, I can finish my glorious bit of arte. (Don't you love my wonderful Spanish? Two years and I actually remember some of what I learned.) In other words, please bear with me as I finish this!

Oh, and this is rather important. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to rate this story as having adult content for the tiny bit of potty-mouth language and the extreme sexual scenes that will occur later on. I know I've slipped past this rule for writing it, (tee-hee) but I'd rather you not read it if you are below the age of 18. Actually, I don't really give a rat's arse if you read it, but I know that deep down inside, my conscience is telling me to write this.

As a final note, I would like to say... (**cough**, clears throat) PLEASE DON'T SUE ME! I have less to give up than the average college student, and that's pretty bad because they are below the poverty line. My parents aren't exactly filthy stinkin' rich either, so if I were you, don't even try it.

I'm not an expert or anything, but I would say judging by the fact that I wrote it, this is my property, mi característica, ma propriété, meine Eigenschaft, la mia proprietà! What language have I forgotten? Spanish, French, German, Italian... oh yes, Portuguese. Esta é minha propriedade! Have I made myself clear? Just in case I haven't there is a mark that looks like this at the bottom of every page: © KMW. Okay? I don't mind if you use pieces and bits and maybe even entire ideas as long as you ask me first. I promise I won't say no! I know how hard it is when you get writer's block or see something you are just dying to use. So, um, if there are any questions or concerns, again, feel free to e-mail me. (Just please don't spam me or send viruses! I have a whole 'nother account where all my junk stuff is sent so it's a waste of time to try it because it'll never bother me 'cos I'll never see it!) Thank you, loyal reader for staying with me long enough to go through this. Now you can get to the good part.

Chapter One: Door Into Summer| Chapter Two: Daydream Believer| Chapter Three: Fly Away| Chapter Four: Beautiful Day| Chapter Five: Sunshine| Chapter Six: Every Breath You Take| Chapter Seven: Fire and Rain| HELP!