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Sponsorship Benefits

Have Your Company Logo And More Seen By Over 300,000 Car Show Attendees Per Year!!!!!!!

The Nopi Nationals was our car's debut on the show circuit. We were very pleased to win Second Place: Focus Mild with a vehicle that we had for less than three months at the time of the Nationals, the biggest show in the world, with over 6500 cars showing and over 85,000 people in attendance.

Since NOPI, we have attended and had a trophy finish in over 20 shows, including another second place NOPI finish at the Sport Compact Mini Truck Nationals in Pigeon Forge, TN (They didn't have a Focus Class, just a Ford and Mercury Division and there were 49 cars in our division).

Our future show plans are to attend Every Major National Show Within 600 to 1000 miles of Atlanta We have invested over $300.00 on a show display for our vehicle.

This display includes Black Marine Carpet cut 12 feet in width BY 20 feet in length. Over 75 feet of YELLOW Chain Link with stands that surrounds the car, it has openings on both sides for show attendees to take a closer look.

A 2' X 3' Sponsor and Performance board which features Our Sponsors Logo, website address, and phone number, our current modifications, and our Dyno Graph.

At the rear of the vehicle we have a portable 4' X 6" table where we Proudly display Our Sponsorsliterature, stickers, or whatever they would like us to distribute.

We have over 3000 High Quality business cards, with a picture of our car and the website address to give our vehicle and Our Sponsors additional exposure.

We work very hard for Our Sponsors, at every show, no matter how big or small they are (our smallest show to date has been 87 cars.)

Any of Our Sponsors would give us a great reference, and per a prospective sponsor request we can provide contact names and phone numbers.

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