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My Hunting Page
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This page is all about the kinds of hunting I do!

Deer Hunting

 I have been deer hunting all of my life.  I love to deer hunt!  During deer season, the weather is cooler and all the leaves are changing and falling off.  A picture of the 9-point I killed this past season is in my photo gallery.  Check it out!  It isn't the biggest buck in the world, but I was very happy!

Coon Hunting

 I haven't been coon hunting for too long.  But I love it!  I love getting out at night and listening to the dogs run and just enjoying God's beautiful creation!  I have three coonhounds.  One of my coonhounds is a Black and Tan.  My other two dogs are Walkers.  You can see more information about my coonhounds by clicking The Dog Lot link to the left.

Squirrel Hunting

I go squirrel hunting when there really isn't any other kind of hunting to do.  I also like to go squirrel hunting because it is fun.  I don't have a squirrel dog.  I don't squirrel hunt a lot.  I am usually fishing or deer hunting.  But at night, you can bet I'm in the woods coon hunting!

Coyote Hunting

 I just recently started coyote hunting.  I had went with my friends before, but we never had any luck.  I finally got some coyote calls.  I had a coyote come in one night (I think).  I never saw it, but there was something sneaking around shortly after I had been calling.  I haven't actually seen one come in to my call yet, but I will one day!  There are plenty of them back here too.  So, I should get one one day!

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