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My Coonhounds

My Walker

My female Walker is named Abby.  Abby is registered with the UKC and the PKC.  I got Abby when she was about 10 or 11 months old.  She treed one of the first times she had ever been in the woods.  Abby has gotten to be a great dog.  I am very pleased with her.  I have a picture or two of Abby on down the page.

My Black and Tan

My Black and Tan is named Flash.  I haven't gotten the papers on Flash yet.  Flash has came a long way since I got him back in the summer of last year.  When I first got him, he wasn't treeing too good.  Now, when Flash trees, you could bet on there being a coon up there.  Flash is a great dog.  There are some pictures of Flash down the page also.

My Puppy

My puppy is a Walker.  His name is Tiger.  Tiger was just 6 weeks old when I got him.  He loves to play!  He is registered with the UKC and the PKC.  He has a good blood line.  I will have his pedigree on here shortly.  He is too young to take hunting yet, but you better bet when he gets old enough, he's going in the woods!


Here are some pics of my coonhounds.

Flash and Abby, treeing a coon hide.

Flash, treeing a hide.

Abby and Flash, treeing a hide.

Flash, treeing a hide.

Flash, treeing a hide.

Flash and Abby, treeing a hide.

Tiger, smiling at the camera.

Tiger, on the dog box.





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