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If you live in the UK or Europe and are interested in baseball then this site has many links to other UK baseball Web sites including an exciting Online Baseball Fantasy League.

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A few Baseball jokes with a link to another Baseball joke page.

Reviews of Baseball films with a 1-5 rating system. 

Reviews of Baseball games with a 1-5 rating system.

Winners of all major baseball awards from the AL and NL MVP's to the Manager of the Year. 

List of all MLB teams with links to home pages and information on team rosters.

List of baseball teams in the major British divisions - most with links to home pages.


Baseball polls

Would you like to see NBA on 5?

Take part in the AL Wildcard poll

Got an idea for a poll? E-mail it and it may be put online.

View the results of all polls ever put on this site .

Other USA Sports

Baseball Links

If you want to take part in an Online Simulation League, running High Heat 2003, then click on the link below. You may not think it sounds interesting but give it a look and then decide for yourself.

Fantasy Baseball Main Site

I am not too sure if this site is still available so if anyone who is in this fantasy league could contact me and let me know if it is still running.. E-mail me

MLB's official website is packed with features including the latest news, scores, league standings and video highlights.

Major League Baseball Official Website

Channel 5's Baseball website has upcoming fixtures, competition details, a forum and more.

five's Baseball website

If you are looking for baseball merchandise and equipment without having to pay in dollars then the TA-Sports website has a huge range to choose from.

TA-Sports Homepage

For information on major British Baseball leagues, the British National Baseball team, Youth baseball and how to get involved in baseball yourself visit BaseballSoftballUK.

BaseballsoftballUK Homepage

To find links to hundreds of baseball sites from International Baseball to details of ballparks then visit baseball-links.com.

 Baseball Links Homepage