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My Favorite Web Sites

Angelfire - Free Home Pages
Ebay- The best Auction Site Anywhere!!
Fairyland Orphanage
Whispering Meadows Nursery

Hello!!! This page is currently under construction!! Patricia and I are starting our business soon!! We are working on a process called reborning, that involves taking a baby doll, and changing it to look like a realistic baby!! (Photos coming soon) Since so much care is put into this, we prefer to call our babies Careborn!!! We are Praise Adoptions Careborn Center!!! Please visit our website again for updates, photos, stories, tips, and links to important pages concerning the reborn process!!! Thanks for visiting!! Sincerely, Elizabeth Alan P.S. The beautiful baby you see is my daughter Myah when she was just days old!!! She and my daughter Alex are my inspiration and my reason for living!!!