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Topic Date Information   Done/not  
Web Site Aug, 12, 2003 -|[n0s]|- Website Created!
soon to be posted!
Web Site Aug 14, 2003 Webpage under construction! done
Web Site Aug 14, 2003 Forums in Members Only and Visitors soon to be posted! done
Member Aug 15, 2003 Leaving for Chicago, be back monday! done
Web Site Feb 11, 2004 Transfering of Web Page rights From SafteyPin To Relic. Done
Web Site Feb 12, 2004 I'm making a New Web page for Home and Info.. Flash Design! Done
Web Site April 7, 2004 I'm reniging that Flash Page. It seems to have an Add on it I hadn't expected when I built it and can't seem to get rid of it. Done