The earliest family to come to America was that of Philippe du Trieux and Jacquemyne Noirett and their daughter Maria Du Trieux. Maria was baptized in the Walloon Church in Leiden, Holland on 5 Apr 1617. The family came to New Amsterdam about 1624 on the Eendracht. See for more information.


A 1644 map of New Amsterdam is marked "The Tavern of Marie du Trieux". Marie was eventually banished from New Amsterdam for her constant trouble with the law.  She kept a disorderly tavern, sold spirits to the Indians and also sold liquor during prayers and after 9 PM . The charges were specifically for "tapping after hours".


Maria was married twice, first, to Cornelis Volckersten Viele and later to Jan Peek. Cornelis Viele was born in Hoorn, Holland in 1613. Maria and Cornelis were married 9 Jun 1641 in New Amsterdam. They had 4 children. Their first child Aernout Cornelis was born before their marriage. I am descended from their 4th child, Pieter Cornelis.  Pieter was baptized in the New Amsterdam Dutch Reformed Church on 9 Feb 1648.  Cornelis Viele died on 16 Mar 1648 in New Amsterdam, NY. Maria married Jan Peek on 20 Feb 1650. They had 4 children. After Jan Peek’s death, Maria lived with Pieter in Schenectady where she died before 1684.


Jan Peek was born in Holland about 1625. He married Maria on 20 Feb 1650 at the New Amsterdam Reformed Dutch Church. Jan went into the tavern business with his wife. He also traveled up the Hudson River to Albany. The Town of Peek's Kil (Peekskill, NY) was named for him. He spoke Dutch & English. He acquired land in Beverwyck (Albany) in 1655. The last record of him was in Albany in Jan 1663.






At this point I think that it is necessary to provide some background material. You will see that many given names use Dutch spelling. Female names end in “tie”, “tje” or “ian”. It is usually fairly easy to determine the English name. Surnames were not required until the English took over New Amsterdam in 1664. Up until that time a patronymic system was used. Both males and females had their father’s given name as their surname with an “se” suffix. The Dutch “van” or “from” was used with many names. An example would be Pieter Hermanse Van Antwerp. Women’s family names were used in vital records for almost 100 years.


Here is a cross reference for Dutch and American Names:

There are many other names that are not included in this list.


Cliff Lamere has examples of patronymic names at:

The example Cliff uses is for persons in my family.

Dutch & English Names

Nicknames and English Equivalents
Annetje=Anneke, Cornelia=Neeltje? The Dutch often used shortened names and other nicknames. Also, during the course of the 18th century, the descendants of Dutch settlers began to slowly appropriate English customs, including the use of the English equivalents of their first names. Annetje may be found in records as Anna, Jan as John, and so on. Need some help? Try these sources:

The pronunciation of Dutch names is at:


Cliff Lemere has quite a bit of other information on his website at:

Traditions of the Dutch Colonists and Other Important Information





Ship Lists

The most comprehensive list of ships that brought family members to America is found at: Ships are listed by name by year.




English-America Ships


Marriages at Sea 1854-1972


The Ships List


Passenger Lists and Emigrant Ships from Norway Heritage


Pictures of Early Ships


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Sailing Warships from 17th Century


Immigration and Ships Passenger Lists Research Guide


Ships List Online






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New York State Newspaper Project







Major Early Albany Family Names


Included on the above website is information about persons or families that lived in the city of Albany for more than two generations before 1800. These names and many others are being studied as a part of the Colonial Albany Social History Project. Many of them are included in my family.


Robert Sanders

Storm Van der Zee

Rachel Van Valkenburg Radcliff

Ariantie Visscher Wendell

Jeroninmus Wendell

Janet Glen Cuyler

Hendrick Halenbeek

Frans Janse Pruyn

Jacob Janse Schermerhorn

Catharina Van der Heyden De Garmo

Hendrick Gerritse Van Wie

Pieter Winne

Joseph Yates

Volkert Janse Douw

Jochem Ketelhuyn

Jacob Loockermans

Marselis Janse Van Bommel

Guert Hendrickse Van Schnhooven

Leendert Gansevoort

Albert Janse Ryckman

Joseph & Johannes Van Zandt




Major Families


Websites that provide information about the families of my ancestors:


Schermerhorn Family

Bratt Family:

Teller Family:

Brink Family:

Fonda Family:

Freer Family:

Gardenier Family:

          Page down the home page until you find the Gardenier family. The Hays family on this site

            Is not related.

Knickerbocker Family:

            Information on Conyn, Dingeman, Goes/Hoes, Gardenier, Hoogeboom, Slingerland,

            Vosburg, Van Alen, Van Alstyne, Van Buren, Van Buskirk, Van den Burgh, Van Vechten,

            Van Ness, Vosburg and Winnie Families:    

Van Alstyne Family:
Van Valkenburg Family:
Van Woert Family:
Vosburg Family:

Wing Family:


Darci’s Place:

Articles about various families are available on this site. There is a search capability that will help you

find various family names. A search for the NELLIS family will return 33 occurrences of this name.


Dutch Notables

There are several Noteable Persons in my family history. They include, Henry Fonda, Theodore

Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt and Herman Melville. Information about them and many other

persons are found in this list:

My relationship to President Martin Van Buren is listed on the Columbia County page.





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