David Hays/Hayes settled in Saratoga County, NY after he came to America about 1817.

Information on this page is primarily about his family. The families of numerous other relatives also lived in

Saratoga County. They included the Visscher, Fort, and Fonda families.



            Reasons for My Hays Family to leave Ireland about 1817.


            I have found a number of reasons for DAVID HAYS to leave Ireland . The Napoleonic Wars had ended in                         1815.  This resulted in sweeping economic changes in Europe . In Ireland where land holdings had

          always been relatively small, rents were being increased.  The growing factory system in England

          meant that England now flooded Ireland with cheap manufactured textiles. This sounded the death knell

          for the cottage industries of weaving and spinning by which my family had augmented their income (women spun

          all year and men operated the heavy weaving looms during winter months).  With the end of the War of 1812,

          cheap or free land in the United States was an incentive for farmers who now saw little economic future

          for their children in Ireland . Attractive fares were also being offered for travel to America . Another

          reason was that the flax seed they used was being imported from America . The price of flax seed had

          also increased. The family recognized that bad times were getting worse and a reasoned decision was made to

          move on. Since the family was Baptist, they were more likely to emigrate than the Catholics in the rest of
due to the transplantation scheme of the 1600's.  What capital they had was used to re-establish the rural

          life they knew best. I have not been able to determine where the family actually lived in Ireland . Their farm

          was north of the Mohawk River in southern Saratoga County .  The 1820 Census records the farm

          in Half Moon. Later censuses have it located in Clifton Park . Clifton Park was split off

          from Half Moon.

            William Hays was probably a relative of David Hays. William was married at least three times between 1800 and 1830.           His first wife Sophia Terpening. They were married in 1800. They had 1 son. Martha died on 17 Apr 1825.

          Sophia’s family had moved from Kingston, Ulster County to Saratoga County, in 1783. William’s second wife was

          Maria Alsdorf. They had 4 sons and 2 daughters, Maria died on 11 Apr 1843. William married Rachel about 1845. She            was born in Vermont . The Alsdorf family is another Ulster County family that moved to Saratoga County.


              Elias Terpening Hayes, a son of William, stayed in Saratoga County where he was married in 1850.

           He had 3 sons and 2 daughters.


              William Hayes, Jr. was married in Henrietta, Jackson County, MI in 1853. They had 4 daughters.


             Sylvester Alsdorf Hayes, who was born in 1830, moved to Ohio about the same time that William

           moved to Michigan . He has descendants living in Ohio today. I found Cousin,
           Fred Hayes,
on the Internet a several years ago. I did not know about his family and he did not know about

           my family.


There are 2 other Hayes family members that I have come across that may be related to William and David. They are another David and a Hugh Hayes. I have seen their in various records, but I do not know their relationship to

David or William.


Information about David Hayes and his family is found on my Fulton County Page.


            A complete listing of all of the family members is available from the MY Families link on the Home Page.



Clifton Park Baptist Church that William and Maria attended.



Maria Alsdorf’s grave is next to William’s in the Clifton Park Baptist Church Cemetery.

Photos from Fred Hayes


King George’s War

On 16 Nov 1745 3 sons of Jan Fort and Margariet Rinckhout, Abraham, Johannes and Jacob, were working outside of Fort Saratoga. A war party consisting of French and Indians captured them and took them to Quebec. Abraham and Johannes died in prison, Johannes in 1746 and Abraham in 1747. Jacob was able to return to his home. Luckily Abraham’s son, Jacob Abraham, had been born in 1727. If he had not been born, my Fort line would have ended. Abraham was a 6th great grandfather.

Additional information about King George’s War is available at:



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The home of Elias T. Hayes is indicated on the map of
Clifton Park . It is near Rexford Flats.



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