My Hayes Family Brick Walls


Brick Walls in Ireland

When and on what ship did my Hays/Hayes family sail to America?

DAVID HAYES who was born in IRELAND about 1796 came to America sometime between 1816 and 1819. After his arrival in America he settled in Half Moon, Saratoga County, New York. I have another Irish relative in my file, William Hayes. I am not sure of my relationship to him.  William was born in Ireland about 1776. He was living in Half Moon, Saratoga County, NY in 1800 when he married Sophia Terpening. Both David and William were living in Half Moon, Saratoga County at the time of the 1820 US Census.


Where did this family live in Ireland?

Based on a study of Ireland during the late 1700s and the early 1800s, I found that this family would have been leasing the land on which they farmed. They had sheep to provide the wool from which they made woolen cloth and they also grew the flax from which they made linen cloth. They were Protestants, most likely Baptists. Does anyone know where they might have lived in Ireland?


Other Unidentified Hayes Family Members.

Besides William and David I have come across two other family members that I can not identify. There is another David who may have been the father of the David I have mentioned. There is also a Hugh Hayes who was living in Broadalbin at the same time that David was living there. Hugh was born in Ireland also.



Saratoga County , NY 1817 to 1840

Who were Rachel's parents?

David Hayes married Rachel in about 1822. There are no records for their marriage at the Clifton Park Baptist Church, but there were other churches in the area in which they could have been married. Rachel and David had 8 children between 1824 and 1837. Because the family was probably Baptist, no baptismal records have been found for these children. Is there another church in southern Saratoga that they may have belonged to or were married in?


Fulton County, NY after 1840


What Church did the family attend while living in Broadalbin?

There were several marriages and baptisms for the Hayes family while they were living in Broadalbin. I have not been able to find any records of their membership in any church. The closest church to where they lived was the Methodist Church. There was a Baptist Church in Broadalbin. Does anyone have a copy of Volume 1 of the Mohawk?



Other Fulton County Families


Who was the first wife of Gideon G. Sanford?

Gideon married Julia Ann Van Slyke on 18 Jul 1855 in Northville ME Church in Northampton, Fulton County, NY. Her father was Richard Van Slyke. Her mother was Gertrude Snyder. I do not have any information about her.

Surname of Wives

There are many women listed on my list of Direct Ancestors for whom I do not have surnames. Please contact me if you know the surnames of any of these women.


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