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Ginger Lupberger

In Memory of Ginger...

A Summary of Ginger's Life from My Point of View
A Collection of Memories from Family and Friends

Ginger's birthday came and past (July 4th). That was the day I designated as Ginger's birthday. When I was little, I found out that we did not know her exact birthdate, only that it was sometime in July, so I thought she should have a specific date. I designated the 4th as her birthday, because there was celebration, fireworks, and lots of people she knew around. I would often sneak her a milkbone on that day to celebrate.

This is a site dedicated to Ginger Lupberger. She died on January 16th, 2002, and this is in rememberence of her. There are collections of memories right now, but there is much more in progress. I intend to add to this site, and hopefully, it will do her justice. If you have any comments or questions, please e-mail me at the address specified below. I am currently trying to redo some picture addresses so the pictures on some of my pages may not be up at the moment, but I am working on it. Sign the guestbook, please!
Click here for gallery one, and here for gallery two or here for gallery three of the puppy pics. They are really old, but still cute.

I have uploaded a picture of a possible collage that I have made. It is not glued yet or final, but I am taking suggestions. Collage

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