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I spent three weeks, before entering my hostfamily here in Germany, in Wiesbaden. This is a fairly nice town located on the river. The hostfamily here was quite boring, so I adventured alot. I met alotta cool people that you can check out when the pictures are up. During the day we had from 9 until 2 straight up German. Although I learned alot more from having to ask people for directions...yes guys can ask for directions here. We left Wiesbaden on one of the famous trains leaving Jenna behind because her host family was actually in Wiesbaden. Shout out to my peeps there. There were alot of kids in the school from all over Europe. They came just to the school then were going home. The Americans were the only ones staying for more than 3 weeks. I met kids from the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, France, Bulgaria, the Ukraine, Russia, and Spain. It was loads of fun. Check up for the pics later.

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