Online Band

This is gonna sound crazy, but I have faith in it. I can get pretty bored here in Germany sometimes, so I pick up my guitar often. I've recently been writing many songs and strumming away, when I realized how much better they would sound with a bass, drums, and a real singer. I have a pretty good downloadable music editor. I'll post the link soon, when I can. And I was really hoping I would stumble upon some people with the same idea. I would like to start an online band, sounds crazy, but now-a-days it can happen. I would love to get some bass riffs, vocals, and drum "thingies" hahahaha burn them together with my recorded guitar riffs and put them online. Sounds complicated but it's not. I would first record my riff, and send it out to the others. They can, using this program, record on my riff what they want, their riffs, drum solos and so on. then send it back to me, or edit it themselves. Crazy? I swear I could make it work. Send me an email if ur interested. if ur jsut a family member/ friend, if u wouldn't mind spreading the word around, that'd be nice. just something to kill sometime and add a bit of spice to my works-in-progress. Mt45 PS- I'm not a bad writer if the vocals would like some help with the actual writing. I just need someone who can actually uh yeah sing, cuase I'm not good ^_^

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