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Text Box: In Memory of John M. Degnan

October 6, 1939óDecember 18, 2000

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John's Obituary

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Text Box: I thought about writing a biography of my father, but most people did not know him when he was five, ten, or even fifteen. The man I knew, as John Degnan was one of the most kind-hearted men I have ever known. There was nothing he wouldn't do for his family or fellow man. When I was little I remember going in to stores with him and he would talk to everyone. I always thought he had a ton of friends. Later on I realized that he was just easy to talk to and had an inviting smile, which made him as popular as I always thought he was.
As the youngest daughter I was often picked on when I was little. Daddy was always there to make it better. He would take me out, just the two of us, and buy me a new doll or take me to lunch. Every Saturday morning we would go to Bo Jangles for breakfast and then, inevitably, we would end up at the local Western Auto buying parts for the old white Chevy he worked on. I was always happy to just be where he was. I would pretend to help him with a car or hang out in the garage while he built something just so I could be near him. 
John Degnan was not only a great father, but he was a great husband to my mother as well. Daddy always thought that the sun rose and set in my mom. He taught his children to respect their mother and although we joke with her now as adults, we still carry a great deal of respect for her. Every year at Christmas Daddy and I would go to J.B. Whites and buy mom Estee' Lauder perfume. When we were done with our shopping there, we would go to Eckerd and buy her chocolate covered cherries. Those were her favorite candies then and they would always be sitting on the hearth under her stocking on Christmas morning. It was that kind of thought and love that kept them together for over 30 years.
I could go on for hours about all the wonderful things I witnessed my father do through the years. If you knew him then you experienced his kindness and warmth in some way. Every life he came in contact with he touched. It may have just been that million-dollar smile that brightened someone's day. Maybe he spoke a kind word when you were down or gave you one of those hugs that only John Degnan could give. Maybe it was the sound of his laughter that made your soul smile. Whatever it is you remember about my father keep it not only in your heart, but also on the tip of your tongue. By sharing and remembering the wonderful things he did and the wonderful man he was, he will always be alive.