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Welcome to Matt's Jeepin' Page

I finally sold my XJ.  Old guy bought it and will tow it around the country behind his motorhome.  Good for him.  Now, with that extra cash, should I think of my education and save the money?  Yes.  WIll I?  No way!  TJ is gettin her front axle re-built and then she too will go up for sale.  Thats right, for sale.  Time for her to move on out as well.  She's at 45,xxx miles right now, needs nothing.  Check the Wrangler page for specs and things.  Asking $12,500. Now get off your butt, and GO JEEPIN!

My 1998 Wrangler TJ ~ FOR SALE

My Old Cherokee

My dad's 1997 Cherokee XJ

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