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My Poem

Hey guys...just thought I would share my poem with you. It wouldn't fit on my profile, so I had to put it on my website. Sad story huh!?! Anway, enjoy!! I got inspiration for it late last nite, and finished it this mornin in english while I was suppose to be workin on my paper- Oops! Owell...

My mind is drifting off in to a world of confusion
I know that what I am feeling is not an illusion

I feel lost around things that use to be comfortable for me
Though, I know that there are reasons for everything that I can't see

I know the exact reasons why I feel the way I do
Everything that I was afraid of feeling is true

No matter how much I hate to admit to it, I care
I can't erase these feelings because they are always there

It's a bittersweet feeling that I just can't get past.
It scares me because I don't know how long they will last.

I know that eventually everything will be ok
What do I do for now? How am I supposed to find the courage to survive?

I am trying to forget, and move on with my life
It's hard to just drop these feelings that are hurting me like a knife

I want to be happy, and I hate being sad
I can't stop reminiscing on the feelings I've had.

How do you just drop feelings that you were feeling?
You can't, so why am I trying?

I have everything I could ever want to make me happy
Though I still find myself searching for an answer

Some kind of answer that will fill this empty void in my heart
I never knew looking for it would tear my whole world apart.

Maybe one day I will find the answer to my burning question
But for now I will just have to wonder about everything until I wake up from what I hope is a dream...