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You kno your ghetto if...


College Stuff




  1. There's reusable bacon grease in a maxwell house can, in the center of the burners, on your stove
  2. The batteries in your remote control are held in place with a piece of tape
  3. Something smells spoiled in the refrigerator, and all you do is change the box of Arm & Hammer baking soda
  4. Your drinking glasses used to be jelly jars
  5. Your furniture is covered in plastic
  6. You run to get your pots when it rains
  7. The roaches in your house only come out when company comes over
  8. . You refer to the refrigerator as an icebox
  9. The back of your toilet seat is always off
  10. You use vaseline for shoe polish
  11. You don't think your clean unless there's visably baby powder on your neck and chest
  12. The heels of your feet look like you have been kicking flour
  13. You wear any of the following: Brute, Hai Karate, Jean Nate, Old Spice, Chloe, English Leather, or Charlie
  14. You use black eye liner to line your lips
  15. You put old batteries in the freezer to re-charge them
  16. You wear your shower cap everywhere, but the shower
  17. You dry clean your washable clothing (E.G. jeans, t-shirts, baseball jersey ETC.)
  18. You've never been to the dentist
  19. You clean your teeth with a matchbook or a business card
  20. You clean your ears with a bobby pin, key, or pen cap
  21. You wear your clothes with a tag on them
  22. The only art you own is on your finger nails
  23. You are under thirteen and have extensions
  24. You never learned to swim because you couldn't get your hair wet
  25. Your child thinks his real name is "Lil Man"
  26. You have trouble spelling your children's names, and you named them
  27. You page yourself
  28. You wear house shoes outside the house
  29. You add "ED" or "T" to the end of a word that already has it in it
  30. You pronounce words like this: strimps(shrimps), pacific(specific), skreet(street), axe(ask), lookded(looked), member(remember), spisketti(spaghetti), wayment(wait a minute)
  31. You buy your stockings the same place you buy your groceries
  32. You wear a watch the you know doesn't work
  33. You got angry when the government stopped the cheese program
  34. Every time you have macaroni and cheese, you feel the need to comment on how nothing makes it better than "The Gobment Cheese"
  35. You have a crack on your windshield and you never bothered to fix it
  36. You drive around in the donut(manufacturer's issues spare tire), months after the flat happened
  37. The announcements at your church are longer than the sermon
  38. There are more guest at the reception than the wedding
  39. The majority of the flowers at the burial site are plastic, and/or taken back the following day
  40. You ever took a bus to a club
  41. You ask perfect strangers to take a picture with you, then you tell all your your friends that this is someone you actually dated
  42. You've won a grammy for your B*tch and hoe record, and you start your acceptance speech by saying, "I like to thank GOD..........", go figure
  43. Your child drops his pacifier and you sanitize it by sucking on it
  44. Your children don't know the words to "Miss Mary Mack", yet they know the words to a song like "No Pigeons"
  45. You ever ran outside, barefoot at nearly twelve midnight
  46. If you leave a social gathering with a plate
  47. You think "Red" is a Kool-Ade flavor
  48. You bring a crying ass four year old to a rated R movie and all you end up doing is yelling at the kid saying "Shut Up!", "Sit Down", "I'm a smack you"
  49. You can't hold a glass because of the length of your nails
  50. The gold teeth in your mouth spell words
  51. You don't have your own place, or a job, yet your child/children has a Moschino Leather Jacket, Nautica down jacket, Timberland boots, Air Jordan sneakers, Tommy Hilfiger Jeans, Fubu Hoodie, and a Nike running suit
  52. You have gold lipstick to match your gold shoes
  53. You constantly press *69, and you still ask if the person just called, go figure
  54. Your child can't speak, but can do the "Tootsie Roll"
  55. Your grandmother is under 40
  56. The Rims on your car cost more than the car it self
  57. You smell up a crowded train/bus eating some smelly ass chicken wings and fries smothered in ketchup that you got from a Chinese restaurant



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