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2003-2004 Member of the Year

On April 7, 2004, at the Georgia Club's final general body meeting of the year, Charreah Jackson was selected by the general body as the club's 2003-2004 Member of the Year. Charreah, a freshman from Decatur, GA, became an active member of the club on October 1, 2003, though she was involved in club activities long before that date. She was a participant in the 11th annual Welcome to the Mecca Weekend during her junior year in high school. She also attended the club's Six Flags trip and volunteered at the Car Wash Fundraiser during the summer before her arrival at Howard.

Once she arrived on campus, she became a member of the Community Service Committee. As part of her work with the committee, she was in charge of the donation box in the Annex during our October 2003 Clothing Drive. She also was a participant in the Bison 2 Bison Mentoring Program. In February 2004, Charreah accepted President Keith Laing's offer to become Co-Chair of the 2004 Elections Committee and oversaw the duration of the electoral process. Finally, Charreah came full circle and hosted a potential Howard student during the 13th annual Welcome to the Mecca Weekend. Charreah Jackson is a valuable asset to the Georgia Club and her value has been has been reaffirmed by its members.

The Member of the Year was selected by members after nominations were held during a general body meeting. Members could nominate any active member of the club other than themselves or members of the Executive Board. Once the nominations were in, a vote was held. This is the first year of the Member of the Year recognition, but it will become an annual tradition of the Georgia Club.