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Ansuz: an-sooz


Signals, Messenger and Loki's rune
Berkana: ber-ka-na


Growth, Rebirth and Birch Tree
Dagaz: tha-gaz


Breakthrough, Transformation and Day
Ehwaz: eh-waz


Movement, Progress and The Horse
Fehu: fa-hew


Possessions, Nourishment and Cattle
Gebo: gay-bo


Partnership a Gift
Hagalaz: ha-ga-laz


Disruption, Elemental Power and Hail
Isa: e-sa


Standstill, Withdrawal and Ice
Jera: jer-a


Harvest, Fertile Season and One Year


Defense, Avertive Powers and Yew Tree
Kano: ka-no


Fire and Torch
Laguz: la-gooz


Flow, Water and That Which Conducts
 Mannaz: man-naz


The Self
Nauthiz: now-thiz


Constraint, Necessity and Pain
Othila: o-the-la


Separation, Retreat and Inheritance
Perth: perth


Initiation, Something Hidden and A Secret Matter
Inguz: ing-gooz


Fertility, New Beginnings and Freys rune


Journey, Communication, Union and Reunion
Sowelu: so-wa-loo


Wholeness, Life Force and The Sun's Engery
Teiwaz: ta-waz


The Warrior, The Sky god and Tyr's rune
Uruz: oo-rooz


Strength, Manhood, Womanhood and The Wild Ox


Joy and Light
Thurisa: thu-ri-saz


Gateway Place of Non-Action and Thors rune
Algiz: al-gez


Protection, Sedge, Rushes and The Elk
Odin: o-din


The Unknowable, The Divine, The All-Father and Odin's rune. *NOTE: in the Norse written language there was no blank rune. This is a creation of the rune masters for divining purposes only.