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There are two-hundred CB Radio 10-Codes in current usage, approximately 50 of these are used by the police, fire and other types of radio operators, while others have combined meanings depending on the service.

Listed below is a list of the most commonly used 10-Codes:

10-1             Receiving poorly

10-2            Receiving well

10-3            Stop transmitting

10-4            Ok; Message received

10-5            Relay message

10-6            Busy; Stand by

10-7            Out of service; Leaving air

10-8            In service; Subject to call

10-9            Repeat message

10-10           Transmission completed; Standing by

10-11            Talking to rapidly

10-12            Visitors present

10-13            Advise weather/road conditions

10-16            Make pick up at

10-17            Urgent business

10-18            Anything for us?

10-19            Nothing for you; Return to base

10-20            My location is...

10-21            Call by telephone

10-22            Report in person to...

10-23            Stand by

10-24            Completed last assignment

10-25            Can you contact?

10-26            Disregard last information

10-27            I am moving to channel...

10-28            Identify your station

10-29            Time is up for contact

10-30            Does not conform to FCC rules

10-32            I will give you a radio check

10-33            Emergency traffic

10-34            Trouble at this station

10-35            Confidential information

10-36            Correct time is...

10-37            Wrecker needed at...

10-38            Ambulance needed at...

10-39            Your message delivered

10-41            Please turn to channel...

10-42            Traffic accident at...

10-43            Traffic tie up at...

10-44            I have a message for you

10-45            All units within range please report

10-50            Break channel

10-62            Unable to copy; Use phone

10-63            Net directed to...

10-64            Net clear

10-65            Awaiting your message/assignment

10-67            All units comply

10-70            Fire at...

10-71            Proceed with transmission in sequence

10-77            Negative contact

10-81            Reserve hotel room for...

10-84            My telephone number is...

10-85            My address is...

10-91            Talk closer to microphone

10-93            Check my frequency on this channel

10-94            Please give me a long count

10-99            Mission completed; All units secure

10-200           Police needed at...