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Installing the CB Radio

There are many different steps to install a Citizen's Band Radio:

1.    First, you must find a proper place to install one in a truck.  This place is usually in the center of the underside of the dashboard. 


2.    Next, you screw in the metal brace that will hold the radio into the dashboard.

3.    After screwing in the brace, hold the CB Radio so that the holes on the sides of the brace line up with the holes on the side of the radio, and twist the screw through the hole on the right so to hold the radio in place. 

4.    Repeat this step for the left side of the CB Radio so that both sides of the radio are held securely in the brace.  

5.    After the radio is in place, attach the wires from the radio into the fuse box on the side of the dashboard on the driver's side.

The installed radio should look straightly aligned with the dashboard if the installation has been done correctly. 

This is another picture from a different angle of how the installed radio should look.


Setting Up the Antenna

There are many different types of antennas that can receive CB Radio waves.  The metal whip antennas are probably the most common. 

1.    For pick-up trucks with a toolbox, you can drill a hole in the exact center of the side of the toolbox facing the bed of the truck. 


2.    At the base of the antenna, there is a screw.  Insert it into the hole on the toolbox, then use a bolt on the inside of the toolbox to hold the antenna in place.


3.    If properly installed, the antenna should look like this from the side of the truck.