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Greene's Boer Goats

"Our Goal is to Produce Outstanding Boer Goats"

Herd Sires

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"AABG NBD Cool 1"


ANR WideLoad *Ennobled*

TLB Ripper *Ennobled*

TH High Class

TH S299

DSM 4B137 *Ennobled*

TLB M154 *Ennobled*

DSM 9B99

Bosque Valley 54V

Bosque Valley Sumi Kareron

FSE Sumi


Bosque Valley Kenya

BWY Tatonka *Ennobled*

RMR SA Kalediscope

This is one COOL young buck!  He has unbelievable muscle density for such a young guy, he is super wide across his top as well as between the legs, and is eye appealing as they come!

Genetically speaking, An own son of Wide Load- the 2008 ABGA National Champion Buck.  His dam is an excellent colored doe tracing back to Tabu, Sumo, and Tatonka!







"Rowdy Mtns. Big Ben"


DSM Scott

Kaptein *Ennobled*



DSM Kala *Ennobled*



PBL 2B620

PBL Willie Nelson

DSM Rarity



Tsjaka *Ennobled*


Own son of DSM Scott who was one of Don Smith's Best Herd Sires in the late 90's.  Scott is the brother of Cloud Dancing and Shaka Zulu.

This young buck is very rugged, thick, and stout boned.  He has lots of capacity and is a great example of the "old style" genetics.




Reserve Champion Yearling Buck
Kentucky Classic IBGA Show
Kentucky Classic ABGA Show



RRD V808 *Ennobled*

RRD Ruger *Ennobled*

RRD Brass Shot *Ennobled*

RRD R879

RRD S913

Ryals Top Brass *Ennobled*

RRD Miss L22

Rowdy Mtns. 309

7A+ Durango

DSM Rainey *Gold

DSM Sonia

7A+ Lily Dache'

DSM Liveoak

7A+ Snowspark

Here's a Tremendous young buck with length, balance, and flash to spare.  He has lots of muscle, good bone, and is exceptional on his feet and legs .

His sire RRD V808 is by far the highest earner of Ruger with over 1500 ABGA kid points.  His dam "309" is also a multiple champion. 

Gunslinger has already earned a respectable amount of IBGA points, he was most recently Overall Grand Champion at the 2009 Mountain Pride Show as well as the 2009 Appalachian Fall Spectacular!


Gunslinger /3 months

14 months


"Man O War"


KRG Red Tail Kat

KRG Lovers Kopy Kat S70

EGGS Lover *Ennobled*

MC 2R867

Ash Creek Natalie

EGGS Ryals Magnum *Ennobled*

HMR Diano *Ennobled*

KRG Rain or Fire

RRD Rapid Fire *2004 Nat. Ch.

RRD Remfire *Ennobled*

RRD P503 *Ennobled*

MC 2R830

DSM Rainey *Gold

BBO Look

Massive, square-made young buck sired by multi champion Red Tail Kat.  He's heavy boned and heavy muscled with great spring of rib.

His pedigree is Full of champions top to bottom-  Including several National Champions and is interwoven with arguably the two greatest sires of all time- EGGSfile and Magnum.


"DGBG Thunder"


DGBG Thunderhead *Ennobled*

Bingo's Superman *Ennobled*

P/H Bingo *Ennobled*

P/H 203N *Ennobled*

RRD N394

RRD Winchester *Ennobled*

RRD Ms. M83

SMF Miss Kitty

NBBG Renoir *Ennobled*

NBBG Tsjaka *Ennobled*


SMF Hello Dolly

JLF's Ensign

KGF Jamie

Another great young sire out of the Thunderhead buck.  He's powerful and extremely thick down the top.  He's also heavy boned and correctly structured.



Bucks of the Past



Son of RRD Hammer Time


7A+ Traildriver

Grandson of DSM Liveoak and DSM Rainey




Grandson of Bingo's Superman (2004 IBGA National Champion)




Son of RRD Gunsmoke *Ennobled*


Pistol Pete

Son of CNR Pistolero *Ennobled*

Pistol Pete is a long thick buck with good neck extension and a great hind leg.

> Click Here To View Pete's Pedigree <



RRD GoldStrike

2002 IBGA National Champion

> Click Here to View GoldStrike's Pedigree <




"Ash Creek George Straight"

Son of Ennobled Magnum

Grandson of Ennobled Mojo Magic





Own Son of 2001 National Champion Renoir




Own Son of EGGSfile *Ennobled*

Grandson of Top gun No.2 and Sasquatch *Ennobled*



"BNZ Bob"

Grandson of TND Leroy, DSM Kala, Bodacious Hunk and Bodacious Paji

Owned by Rowdy Mountain Boer Goats