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[GR]Gounta{Ldr} 19/10/02

We have a new Evil Enemy! Clan WOLF have joined forces with the Evil AIM! We Shall REAP Their SOULS together from now on! Also I have proposed a clan bash so we can finally remove this Evil AIM once and for all. But I am unsure they have the balls to take us on since they FEAR US!

[GR]Gounta{Ldr} 9/10/02

I have completed a better banner but will keep on working in a nice small movie clip banner. Will have it done in a couple of weeks.

[GR]Gounta{Ldr} 2/10/02

I have completed the transparent Clan Patch (Logo). Also the 3D buttons are up and running which makes this the most awesome OFP Clan site in Australiasia! I will start working on a new banner in the next few days.

[GR]Gounta{Ldr} 29/9/02

Well I have made a new patch as we have been kickin' some AIM butt Reaper members have been doing extreamly well so they deserve this awesome patch upgrade ;-) This will help put the Fear into the enemies Eyes!

New Reaper Patch

I am also working on a new banner for the site. This may take a bit of time but I will get it done since the one above was just a quicky to fill in the gap.

I am also working on the 3D buttons for the side. I have them just about done so they will be up in due time.

[GR]Gounta{Ldr} 22/9/02

Welcome to the Grim Reapers Clan Site. I have been spending time sorting out this site so that everyone is more informed with what's going on. If any member wishes to post any stories, just email them to me and they shell apear here. Well I better get going and sort out the rest of the site.