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Hello and welcome to the homepage for Great Falls' Gay Youth, I would like to say program, but as of right now it is not an official one but I do hope to turn it into one. I would like to create a place for GLBTQ (Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender Questioning) youth to get information about activities, help, allies, etc. Currently there is a very small AYO (Alternative Youth Outreach) program here in Gt. Falls made of only a few people, we hope to soon do some sort of outreach to gay/questioning youth here who are unsure or afraid to come out, or who do not necessarily want to come out currently. It is just a place to go among your peers to relax, talk about issues, watch movies, whatever.











A recent event was the shOUT Youth Summit held in Helena, it was a total success and a load of fun. To see some pictures click here.

Upcoming is Gay Pride Weekend which will be in Helena this year June 17, 18, 19. For more information click here.

There will be a one day summit on September 17th in Great Falls. No further information is available as of yet.

The next shOUT weekend summit will be May 5,6, and 7 of 2006. So mark your calendars, it is only a year away.

Have suggestions? Questions? Upcoming events you would like to see posted? click here for a contact list.