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Dr. Ir. Andang Bachtiar, MSc

Expert Geologist







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Place/Date of birth        : Malang, 7 Oktober 1961, East Java, Indonesia

Marriage status             : Married (1984) with 6 kids

Religion                        : Islam

Nationality                    : Indonesia

Hobby                          : Geology, music, performing arts, sport (soccer, table 

  tennis, jogging), traveling, hiking and reading.

Physical data                : Height – 155 cm, Weight – 75 kg



SD Laboratorium 8 Tahun IKIP Malang, graduated in 1975.

SMAN 3 Malang, graduated in 1978.

Geology Departement, Faculty of Industrial Technology, ITB, graduated in 1984.

Geology Departement, Colorado School of Mines, Golden, Co, USA, graduated in 1991.

Geology Departement, Faculty of Mineral Technology, ITB, PhD graduated in 2004.



Development Geology                                                                             1985

Workshop on Well Analyses & Digitizing                                                  1985

Formation Evaluation I ( Basic )                                                               1985

Formation Evaluation II (Advanced)                                                         1985

Quality of Sandstone Reservoir                                                                1987

Deltaic Deposit                                                                                       1987

Reservoir Engineering                                                                              1988

Basin Modelling & Geochemistry                                                              1991

Application of Organic Geochemistryin Petroleum Exploration                    1992

The Geology of South East Asia                                                               1992

AMDAL, Introduction                                                                             1993

Petroleum Economics & Risk Analyses                                                    1994

Basin Modelling Workshop                                                                       1994

Seismic Facies Analyses                                                                          1995

Hydrodinamycs                                                                                       1996

Petroleum System                                                                                   1996

QLA – 3                                                                                                1998

Seismic Processing for Interpreters                                                          1999


Carrier path

1984 – 1986:  Operation  geologist doing wellsiting and field mapping in HUFFCO  Indonesia Balikpapan

1986 – 1991: Development geologist HUFFCO Indonesia in Jakarta, working specifically for Badak Field, including petrophysic analyses, specific reservoir studies, and yearly reservoir mapping.

1991 – 1996: Exploration  Geologist VICO Indonesia in Jakarta, doing geochemistry, basin modeling, petrography, regional field mapping, prospect generation, and regional  Kutai Basin study.

1996 – 2000: Geology Specialist VICO Indonesia in Jakarta, doing special studies such as GDA IN 3-D seismic survey, sedimentology and sequence sratigraphy studies, shallow oil  prospects and sequence stratigraphy studies, shallow oil prospect, reservoir characterization,  sedimentology works, etc.

2000 - 2004: Geology Consultant GDA Daya Ayfedha in Jakarta,  doing basin study in Sumatra, Kalimantan and Jawa; petroleum portfolio analyses for South Sumatra and Kutai basins, new venture evaluation, old oil-field re-assessment, EOR technical planning, geology resource inventory in several kabupaten, lecturing sedimentology courses, conducting geology field trips, etc.


 Major Projects                   


- Quick-look Formation Evaluation Flow-chart for wellsite geologist manual.


- Geological Evaluation of Mutiara – 22R Blow-out.

- Quantification of hydrocarbon shows from mudlogs

- Manual / conventional wellsiting on series of Pamaguan shallow oil wells

- Oil & Gas seep mapping


- Hydrocarbon potential of Semberah overpressure zone

- Mutiara – 24 fault analyses from dipmeter & drilling data.

- Badak D-6 formation evaluation with focus on detailed mudlog analyses


- Badak high gas deliverability wells (7 wells in year)

- Badak D-6 oil rim study (shale & goc-owc mapping) resulted in 2 D-6 oil


- Badak C-2 A tilted oil column mapping


- Badak & Semberah Salinity study

- Badak petrophysics re-evaluation


- Lampake-2 well proposal

- Loajanan Prospect

- Loahaur & Sakakanan well proposals


- Regional geochemistry study

- Wain Basin study


- Regional field mapping

- Exploration well geochemical & petroleum system post mortem evaluation

- Basin modeling


- Soil-gas analyses

- Chemostratigraphy Wain Basin area

- Iban prospect generation


- Kutai Basin Regional study: Source Rock & Petroleum System Chapters

- Sequence stratigraphy from surface mapping ( Pembulan & Mutiara area)


- Geological Data Acquisition in Mutiara –Pamaguan area during 3D-seismic

  survey:discovery of shallow east flank oil pools

- Cadik exploration wellsiting

- Semberah  Landslide Geology Analyses


- Geological Data Acquisition in Bajau & Lampake / Nilam area during 3D-

  seismic survey

- Bontang landslide geology analyses


- Surface & shotehole geology data computerization

- Sedimentology models of Lower Miocene from outcrop study

- South Sumatra Basin Analyses to come up with 9 new venture portfolio


- Semberah surface fault map

- Semberah field 172-182 paleogeography from wells & outcrops

- Beras / Mutiara geology models

- Shallow Semberah oil-field re-assessment


- VICO Indonesia SW Block Divestment

- Semberah field geology models

- VICO PSC Petroleum System with regards to oil vs gas distribution

- Mumus-Sambutan oil field mapping & re-assesment

- Pasir Regency geological resources inventory mapping


- Selo oil-field geological & economical evaluation

- Mambang-Sebasa field upside potential review

- Gn. Walat Sedimentology model research & course lecturing

- Southern Kutai Block new venture analyses

- Banyuwangi Regency geological resources inventory  mapping

- Kutai Petroleum Company concept establishment

- Kutai Deep-Water Petroleum System research & field trips

- Coal Reconnaissance Survey in Mentawir area

- Sisi Nubi fielld geological modeling

- South Sumatra Oil-field Portfolio concept for Regional Autonomy



Bachtiar, A., 1984, Geology of Kapan Area, Kabupaten Timor Tengah Selatan, Propinsi Nusatenggara Timur, Thesis SI, ITB, Bandung, 425 pp, unpublished.

Bachtiar, A., 1991, Facies and Diagenesis of the Hygiene Sandstone in Denver Basin, Master Thesis, Colorado School of Mines, Golden , 145 pp., unpublished.

Bachtiar, A., 1993, The inter-relationships of some maturity parameters of source Rock in Kutai Basin, Proceeding PITIAGI 22, Bandung.

Bachtiar, A., 1995, Ekskursi geologi Samarinda – Jembayan – Gunung Bakaran – Balikpapan, in: S. Martodjojo, A. Bachtiar, dan L.O. Ichram, Buku Paedoman Ekskursi Geologi Regional  Cekungan Kutai dan Delta Mahakam, Bidang STUDI geologi PPS – ITB, 1-58, Unpublished.

Bachtiar, A., 1995, VICO Indonesia Delta Asset Team Field Trip Guide Book, 75 pp., VICO Internal Report.

Bachtiar, A., 2000, Reservoir sedimentology of Mutiara & Sembereh fields and modern analogues in the Northern Mahakam Delta, East Kalimantan, VICO

Indonesia Western Asset Team  Field Trip Guide Book, 80 pp., VICO Internal Report.

Bachtiar, A., 2000, The types of delta in the Lower Miocene section of Kutai Basin, (poster abstract), Proceedings PIT IAGI 29, Abstract, in press.

Bachtiar, A., 2000, The sequence stratigraphy framework of Lower Miocene source rock in the Lower Kutai Basin, PhD Dissertation, ITB, Bandung, in press.

Bachtiar, A., Ferguson, A., and Surachmat, A., 1998, Miocene Mahakam Delta and Southern Kutai Basin sedimentation and stratigraphy , IPA Post- Conventation Field Trip Guide Book, 78 pp.

Bachtiar, A., Kurniawan , E., Purwanti, Y., 1998, Geological data acquisition during 3D seismic operation in Mutiara field area, Kalimantan, Indonesia, Proceedings of the IPA 26 th Annual Conventation, 85-104.

Bachtiar, A., Kurniawan, E., Purwanti, Y., 1998,  Reservoir characterization from outcrop sedimentological  study and seismic shothole data in Mutiara Pamaguan field areas, Kutai Basin, (poster abstract), Proceedings of the IPA 26 th Annual Convention.

Bachtiar, A., Mertodjojo, S., 1999, Sand-rich Fluvial and Deep-Marine Deposits in the Lower Miocene of Mahakam Delta Complex, Kutai Basin: New Reservoir Target?, Proceedings PIT IAGI 28, Abstract, pp 28.

Bachtiar, A., Mertodjojo, S., 2000, Klandasan sand: A fan delta complex in the southern Kutai Basin, Proceedings PIT IAGI 29,  in press.

Bachtiar, A., Suprapto, A., 1999, A  New Look at the Outcrop of the Pulau Balang Formation at its Type Locality in Kutai Basin, (poster abstract), Proceedings PIT IAGI 28, Abstract, pp.92.

Bachtiar, A., Syarifudin, N., Surachmat, A., 1998, Shallow Reservoir Delineation in Bajau Area, East Kalimantan , Indonesia (An Alternative utilization of 3D seismic shothole drilling data in a prolific hydrocarbon province), Proceedings of the GEOSEA IX Regional Congress, Abstract.

Hendarman, Bachtiar, A., Apriadi, D., Kurniawan, E., and Purwanti, Y., 1998, Miocene outcrop sedimentology study in Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Proceeding PIT IAGI 27, Jogjakarta.

Kurniawan, E., Bachtiar, A., 1998, Integration of shotehole data, surface mapping,  and outcrop sedimentology study in Kutai Basin, East Kalimantan, Proceeding PIT IAGIdescription in a 3D-seismic survey to countruct alternative geology maps, (poster abstract), Proceedings PIT IAGI 28, Jogjakarta.

Paterson, D.W., Bachtiar, A., Bates, J.A., Moon, J.A., Surdam, R.C., 1997, Petroleum system of the Kutai Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia, in  J.V.C.Howes and R.A. Noble, eds., Petroleum Systems of SE Asia & Australia, Indonesia Petroleum Association, 709-726.

Purwanti, Y., Bachtiar, A., Kurniawan, E.,  Hendarman, Apriadi, D., 1998, The significance and implication of shallow hydrocarbon indication in a 3D- seismic survey area, Proceedings  PIT IAGI 28,Jogjakarta.

Pertamina BPPKA., 1997, Petroleum Geology of Indonesia Basins : Principles, Methods and Application, volume XI, Kutai Basin, 134p.

Suleiman, A., Wulandari, D.A., Bachtiar, A., 1998, Identification of reworked fossils in Miocene sediments of Kutai Basin, and its geological implication, Proceeding PIT IAGI 27, Jogjakarta.


 Professional affiliations

 IAGI (Indonesian Association of Geologist), member since 1985.

-          Field trip /Activity coordinator Balikpapan Chapter 1985-1986

-          General Secretary Jakarta Chapter 1994-1995

-          General Secretary IAGI Convention Committee 1994

-          Member of Internal Affair Section in PP-IAGI 1995-1996

-          IAGI President Candidate in 1998

-          Chairman of IAGI 28 th Annual Convention in 1999

-          IAGI President 2000-2005

FOSI (Forum Sedimentologiawan Indonesia), member since 1995.

IPA (Indonesian Petroleum Association ), member since 1985.

IPA paper judge for IPA Convention in 1994 and 1995

Lecturer of one-day lecture series of IPA-UAC program in 1995, conducted in UPN, Yogya, with a lecture title of: “Petroleum Geochemistry and Basin Modeling with Examples from Kutai Basin.

AAPG (American Association of Petroleum Geologists), member since 1989.

Chairman of Technical Session on Sequence Stratigraphy Application on Reservoir Characterization, AAPG International Conference, Bali 2000.



Other activities

1992-1996 : Bapedal Jakarta – Member of Technical Team Advisor on Hazardous Waste Management.

2000-2003 : Bapedal / KLH Jakarta - Member of Technical Team Advisor on Freeport matters on hydrogeology of Acid Mine Drainage and Tailing disposal, Member of AMDAL Commission Evaluation Team for Oil, Gas, and Mining projects.

2002-2003 : FKDPM (Forum Konsultasi Daerah Penghasil Migas) – Member of Expert Board (Anggota Dewan Pakar)

1991-2000 : Advisor / supervisor of a total of 57 geology students doing their final thesis work in VICO Indonesia by both field mapping and desk studies. Also have managed to facilitate a total of 23 geology students in doing their summer job/ practical work session in VICO Indonesia.

1998-1999 : Instructor of “Applied Subsurface Mapping “ Courses in IWPL-IAGI Course Series Program in Jakarta and Bandung

1999 : Speaker on Seminar “Professionalisme & Geologists” conducted by HMTG “GEA”ITB, Bandung, March 1999.

1999 : Speaker on Seminar “Back to Basic: Maximizing Geology Data  to Reduce Exploration risk “conducted by Pertamina EP, Jakarta, November 1999.

2000 : Speaker on Seminar “The Potential of Outdoor Society Contribution to Natural Resources Exploration & Exploitation" conducted by East Java Outdoor Society, Malang, January 2000.

2001 : Speaker on Seminar "Peluang dan Tantangan Banyuwangi  Menghadapi Otonomi Daerah", Pebruari 2001.

2001 : Speaker on Seminar "Geologist Entrepreneur", Badiklat ESDM, Nopember 2001.








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