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Southern Expedition
Sarasota Florida
May 7th 2005

This Show was put together by Ritchie Dubreuil at the DAV Hall #97 on Bee Ridge Road in Sarasota. Ritchie went all out to make everyone enjoy themselves with hotdogs, chips, sodas and of course - BEER!.

This show turned out exceptionally Great! Everyone had a good time trading, selling, and talking about BEER!

The pictures below are the same as above!
I'm experimenting with one liners and names of people for each picture. As you notice I'm bad at names! I need Help! I have numbered them so if you can help, email the show, date and number of pic and the name(s) or your own one liners.
Also tell me if you like this idea or not? Any Mistakes? email Dave
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left - Bob Keasey
right - Pat Taylor

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left - Roger Williams
center - Ritchie Dubreuil right - George Pilgrim
discussing BEER!

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right - Chuck Rice
center - CD Rice

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Looking toward front door

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Just checking out
all the different

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Hey That's Me!
one knee-ing it
for cans under table

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Do I Have This?

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Nice Cans
always draw a crowd

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Entire Can Collection
For Sale
lots more under table

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Another picture
Collection for sale

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Cool Gallon Cans,
front - hundreds
maybe Thousands
of Coasters
Metal Signs to the left

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left -
right - Joe Older
"It's How Much!"

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left - Bob Keasey
right - Pat Taylor
"It says so..
right here!"

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New Members

Email Ritchie Dubreuilor call 941-927-4849 for Gator Trader membership @ $6.00 a year
Send payment to:
Ritchie Dubreuil
5550 Vanderipe Road
Sarasota Fl. 34241-9523
Please make checks payable to the "Gator Traders".

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