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Game Wizards is a company dedicated to making Rm2k games. On this site you can see our current and upcoming projects and will soon have links to other Rm2k sites. (This site is under construction)

TUNDRA DEMO (Temp link): alpha demo SCREENSHOTS (Temp link): Screenshots SUMMON DEMO (Temp link): Summon Demo CATERPILLAR THINGY (Temp link): Thingymajig


Another new menu system. Oh joy.
Haven't done any updates for a while cos I've been busy with other things, but here I am again. As you can see, I scrapped the frames idea and put in a top down two layer menu instead of frames. I also added falling snow in the Tundra section. HOPEFULLY I'll have the quezacotl summon demo up soon, as promised. I'll also have the forums up fairly soon.

Frames! Yay!
Another sleepness night. I've started adding frames to the site as you can see. The white bg looks a bit naff but it should be ok when I'm finished. Also of note, I've taken out the autoplay on the midis to ease the suffering of you midi haters out there. Tomorrow I'll hopefully have the staff section done, and put the midis on Giya and Mog's pages (non autoplay obviously) and if I've got time I'll put the Quezacotl summon demo up. So cyas tomorrow!

Another Update?
Earlier than planned I must admit, but I couldn't sleep :p. Anyway, I've added midis in the index and tundra index and put in controllers for them so you can pause them if you don't like music on websites. I've also added the character bios for Giya and Mog (Tundra...characters) with animated GIFs at the top of each.

Targets for the end of the week:
Put up summon demo
Add character bios for Yuna and Vincent
Add music to all 4 character pages with controllers

Actually, since I stayed up all night I'll probably have all this done in about 10 minutes :p. Until next time!

New site layout
Wow, it's been a while since I last updated. As you can see, I changed the crappy cyan background and made the updates into a table. This is the background I'll be using for a while, but the game sections will have their own background eventually. I'm also going to add some more pages in the next few days, put up a demo of my summon animations for Tundra and add music to the index page. Until next time, cya!

ADDITIONAL NOTE: I'm currently recruiting people to do voice acting for Tundra. If you're interested drop me a line! (email at bottom of page) and I'll tell you what parts are available.

Tundra Alpha Demo up
Finally got the alpha demo of Tundra up. Hope you enjoy it! Please note that you can't currently play it unless you have the rpg maker 2000 run-time package. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes. I will soon have a non-rtp version.


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