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Shining Soul Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game Name: Shining Soul
Developer: Sega
Number of players: 1-4 (Link cable, Co-Op)
Pros: Phantasy Star Online for the GBA!
Cons: Easy enemies, repetitive Gameplay
Games Like it: Phantasy Star Online

Who enjoyed Phantasy Star Online? Who suggested that It should be portable? Well, Now it is(!) for the GBA in the Shining Series Form!!! Now you and your friends can work with each other to take out baddies and level up while going to your Aunts house!

Pretty basic Gameplay as it resembles a lot like Phantasy Star Online. First you set 3 kinds of weapons in your R Shortcut (Click R to switch weapons quickly in battle as there is no real pause button [Just like PSO]) and have 3 kinds of Items in your L Shortcut.  Then you battle your baddies and try to level up your character and try to open passage to the next area of the level. (To open the passage, you have to kill a certain number of enemies) As you work your way to the final area, you’ll find countless number of Items to help you during your BOSS FIGHT! Bosses are hard, but have a certain pattern, Once you figure out their pattern, their a cinch!

The Sprites are OK. Could be a little better, but I understand as when you get to 4 players, it might lag down the game. The areas and the environment is detailed in color and the leaves in Level 4 are perfect!

The Music is pretty Repetitive and the Sound-effects are pretty low Quality for a Game Boy Advance game... I just suggest bringing a CD player to play your music instead of listening to this kind of music

Replay Value-
When your friends get the game, your going to want to start a new character so your at the same level as them, then after that, Your going to want to test the 4 characters to see which one Fits your feet (There's Normal, Archer, Magic, Knight). And then, your going to want to find all kinds of items, and strategies to play this game!.. You’ll be busy with this one as you were with PSO!


The sprites were OK, but could’ve been better… I just like the environments and the areas.



Eek.. This one brought the score down… if only you can hook up an MP3 player to your Game Boy Advance ;)


Game Play:

It reminds me a lot like Phantasy Star… Now if the enemies weren’t so easy, this would be a perfect 10!


Replay Value:

Friends will make you play this game again… Then again, your just wondering how to Magic is different from your huge sword



A good game to pick up, If you have friends that have it.  But if you’re a huge fan of the Shining series, or just love PSO's gameplay.   It’s a must-have!




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