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Rockman Zero (GBA) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game Name: Rockman Zero (Mega Man Zero)
Developer: Capcom
Number of Players: 1
Cons: Most difficult Rockman (Megaman) game ever!
Games Like it: Rockman X5 (Megaman X5, using Zero)

MY GOD! How addicting is this game, and not to mention that its on the GBA, I CAN BRING IT ANYWHERE! Finally using Zero and learning of his past (How he got his sword and all) and it seems that he is an Ex-mercenary (Author note: I can't read Kanji.).

In the first level, you only have your Pistol, But later in the level, You receive your sword and begin to kick baddie ***. Later, you'll then receive a lance, and attack in 7 directions (not including down). Next, You can set up two of your weapons so that you can use it in battle (Hold R to use your secondary.)  Then the weapons have their own level.  As you pick up an item, you'll began to raise your weapons level! The weapons can be charged up with one of the three elements: Thunder, Fire, or Ice (Must be obtained in 3 different boss fights) and all/most bosses have a weakness from one of those elements (Just like in Mega Man's earlier titles!)

Sprites are one of the detailed i have ever seen! Way better then the Play Station "Megaman X5" Sprites, Even since its on a GBA! and the backgrounds are nicely colored, and the dust that you kick when you dash look wonderful!

The music is high and nice to listen, nothing repetitive, and the sound effects are great, from the sweeping of your sword, to killing a baddie!

Replay Value-
You may just play this game once again to play a certain mission or boss. Not really high in Replay Value as most Bosses are easy once you start, But then again (Since it is the hardest Megaman game ever) You may play again to see if you can do better than last time.


Wonderful sprites, beautiful backgrounds, it's on a GBA, WOW!



Music isn't that repetitive, and the sword sounds nice, and the gun too... and your friend screaming sounds good... I like it!


Game Play:

Shooting the enemy till you get close enough to slash him, FUN! Charging your weapon and dodging the bosses shot and slashing and taking away tons of health, FUN!.. wow.. This game is addicting!


Replay Value:

This game is hard as Hell, but once you start, the fun won't stop!




Pick this game up as soon as possible! Just make sure you have a lot of batteries... You're going to need them!




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