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Moonwalker (Genesis) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Sega Genesis
Game Name: Michael Jackson "Moonwalker"
Developer: Sega
Genre: Action
Number Of Players: 1
Cons: then again.. Its MICHAEL JACKSON!
Games Like it: none known

*Gets off his seat and begins moonwalking around the room and does the Michael Jackson pose*. This game is great! and it's a Michael Jackson game, Who'd ever know that Michael Jackson made such a great game!

First off, its based on his movie "Moonwalker",  You run around as Michael Jackson and beating off the baddies and saving children. To get passed the level, you have to find every child in the level and save them (some are hidden behind doorways, windows, etc.). But one of the coolest things I found in this game is your special move (Which is holding "A" for a certain amount of time and then release it to do it). Your special is..... *Drum roll*........ DANCING! You do one of Michael Jackson's famous dances and the enemies line up and do it with you. It looks great! and then you can grab a special star (Appears in certain levels) to transform you into the Robot he transforms too in the movie, giving your long range attacks and such!

For the time, the graphics were great, detailed sprites, and Michael Jackson's suit was so close to the movies!, The backgrounds are detailed from inside the bar (level 1) too the graveyard scene!

Well.. Its Michael Jackson's music playing such as: Smooth Criminal, Billy Jean, Etc. Etc. Then you have his famous Scream in the game for throwing your hat and such! But it kinda gets annoying and repetitive.. I just like the music!

Replay Value-
Your not going to play this game much, unless your a Michael fan who enjoys listening to his new kind of music (No words.. weird beeping noises to replace the guitar noises and such)


Detailed sprites and wonderful colored backgrounds from level 1 to the last boss!



Like Michael Jackson's music... Or you can't stand him screaming over and over as he attacks..... Gee.. I wonder if you people are wondering why I gave it an 8.5! :-P


Game Play:

It has basic gameplay of killing baddies and saving little children.  The plus is your doing Michael Jackson's kick! :-D


Replay Value:

The only thing that brings down the score.. Its kind of Same-ol', Same-ol'... I'll just play it again for the new music Sega made it into.. BEEP BEEP BEEP! HAHA



It's a fun game to play.  Really only for those who love Michael Jackson's old school music and his movie.




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