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Double Switch (Sega CD) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: Sega CD
Game Name: Double Switch
Developer: Sega TruVideo
Genre: FMV Action
Number of players: 1
Pros: Very original. Done in digital picture
Cons: Horrible acting some parts are impossible.
Rated: MA-13 (ESRB translated = T)
Games Like it: Night trap

This was one of my first favorite Sega CD games.  It was very original, yet really, really short. Not to mention I was a real sucker for digital footage gaming back in the day. But as soon as I found it again, I got hooked right back into it, but some may find it very dull, and boring.

This was done in digital footage back in the day. Which means, no pixels, but actors and a small layout just for you! The layout was well done, very easy to follow and was very simplistic and not all that distracting, which is great in my opinion.

The sound quality is a bit horrible, there's a small soundtrack, but nothing really to get excited about. The voice acting is too horrible as it is much exaggerated, but there's only one important sound that sounds like a broken alarm clock (the sound the game makes when the NPC steps on a trap).

Game Play:
Here's the great part. Very simplistic and basic, and only requires the 3 buttons on your pad!  Very simple as most of the NPC's you see run right into the trap, but the tricky part is to know which trap to trigger. (Because you must set up the trap before you spring/trigger it onto your victim). As it may seem simple, just to trap as many enemies as you can, but another thing is you must protect the residents of the apartments (because the enemies can chase and hurt your residents, which leads to a game-over). So now your going to be trapping so many people at once for the high score but now your also looking out for people that can hurt your residence, you know what's worse?.. they'll try to shut off your controls, so you must trap them there too, or else you get the big G.O. (Game Over).

Replay Value:
Here's a huge downfall, so get ready for this. The only thing that sucks about this game is that they reuse so many videos for the victims. There's about 50 different traps and about 20 other ones that have to do with the storyline (in other words, they show up only once). So if you try to replay this game nothing will be really twisting to where you'll say "I NEVER SAW THAT BEFORE!" because most likely you'll see all of it by the time you get past chapter 2. Speaking of chapters, there's another bad part as the game only has 3 chapters. Chapter 1 has a length of 4:34 minutes, Chapter 2 is 7:22 and Chapter 3 is a mere 3:24 (Fast paced though).

Time for the lo-down...


Done in Cinematic, nice layout though.. and pretty clean, cleaner than Topcat Alley.



Very eerie, yet bland soundtrack. One broken alarm clock, and exaggerated voice acting.  ust be happy that Alex's voice just sounds nice.


Game Play:

Simplistic, yet addicting like any puzzle game can be yet simply satisfying like an action game!


Replay Value:

Very repetitive when it comes to watching the video. Very short, and very straight forward. But it can be enjoying to watch people fall down the fireplace trap.



It's a great game for Sega CD, but other than that, most people don't like it.  Worth a try before you actually buy it, I guess I kind of got lucky with this one though.













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