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Capcom VS SNK EO (Xbox) Review

By Rin4ku

Console: XBOX
Game Name: Capcom Vs SNK 2 EO (EASY OPERATION)
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Fighting
Number of players: 1-2
Pros: Old School Street Fighter, Ability to play online (Another review by Rin4ku!)
Cons: EO, its been one year old, and re-released on the XBOX once more!
Rated: T
Games Like it: Street Fighter 2, King of Fighters ‘99

Two of the greatest fighting games ever made (And rivaling each other ever since Fatal Fury) finally clash into one huge great game! The game has everything from 47+ characters from the Capcom series (From Street Fighter to Darkstalkers) and the SNK series (From Fatal Fury to LastBlade2). The most memorable people ever that you’ll remember and enjoy are Terry, Mai, Joe, Hibiki, Haohmaru (From SNK series) and Ryu, Ken, Akuma/Gouki, Rolento, and Maki (From Capcom). “It’s the fight of the century!”

This game has changed a lot of the characters so that they can actually compete with each other (Due to the fact all SNK games have 4 buttons and most of Capcom fighters used 6 buttons) and they have been evenly/leveled pretty well! Most of the characters aren’t balanced but the XBOX version has to be the best as they Capcom did their best to balance out the game and lower the top tiers (Such as Sagat and Blanka) to a lower level. There was also a “Glitch” known as Roll cancels back in the Arcade version all the way to the GCN version that they finally took out to balance the games “Grooves” more.

Not only do they have most of the characters from Capcom and SNK, but they also took their “Super power Bars” known as “Grooves” and placed them into this game! They have 3 grooves from the Capcom series (All the bars that were in the SF3Alpha game) and 3 grooves from the SNK series (The charge up bar they had in King of Fighters, the Bar they had in Samurai Showdown, and the bar that is very similar to the C bar in SF3Alpha bar). They are all balanced out with their own “Sub-system” such as “Roll”(Capcom) or “Dodge”(SNK), Air block and tactical recovery, or other sub systems that give all the grooves their unique feel!

The graphics in game are ok with its interactive backgrounds, high in detail sprites, and nice flashing from super special moves, but if you have a High Quality TV (Big screen , Wide Screen, TitanTron, ETC.), you’ll see major pixels on the characters! And the Music fits very well into the game, it has the “Fighting” feel to it that’s ran thru the Street Fighter Series!


Interactive backgrounds and detailed characters, but everything changes on a great TV



Quality music that gives you that feel to fight for broke!


Game Play:

Classic Street Fighter 2 gameplay with SNK characters and many modes


Replay Value:

With online play (Link to other review), this will bring you joy for many days!, even with hard opponents



Great fighting game from Capcom using all your favorites very well, a must pick up even if you have the PS2/DC/GCN version!















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