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Bubble Bobble (NES) Review

By Foxx

I miss the days of old school gaming. Compared to today’s games, many of the long forgotten games of the NES were extremely challenging (and we loved every second of it). Bubble Bobble is no exception. Bubble Bobble is about two lovable dinosaurs that must rescue their “maidens” and free Bubble Bobble World from evil… all through the use of bubbles.

Bub and Bob go level by level shooting bubbles at various enemies. The bubbles trap the enemies (for a short time) and Bub and Bob must pop them, destroying the enemies before they escape. It’s harder than it sounds. Every level is different by look, random powerups, enemies, and special bubbles. After all enemies are vanquished, you can move to the next level.

One of the best features of this game is the use of teamwork. Players may play alone, but adding the second player makes levels more “defeatable” (and more fun). Technically, you can’t actually beat this game without the second character in play. Sure, you can destroy the boss, but the game is not complete without two dinosaurs on the screen.

It’s always fun to collect the items. Every level places a random powerup item on the screen. These may speed up your dino, give him long-range bubbles, invincibility, allow you to warp to later levels, and many others. Also, defeating enemies reveals various items to boost your point score. Grabbing those points before your buddy is what its all about.

Bubble Bobble is just classic gameplay fun.


Not much to look at. At least the levels come in a variety of colors and styles. The biggest problem is the slowdown in the frame rate. Sometimes its hard to see your enemies.



Very repetitive. If you can handle listening to the same jingle for the whole game, this is for you. Although repetitive, the music gets an 8.5 because it’s just so catchy!


Game Play:

Classic jump and smash gameplay. It would be nice if there were no slow down.


Replay Value:

Beating this game is quite an accomplishment. If you do manage to make it through both Bubble Bobble and Super Bubble Bobble, you may need to take a break for a while. Taking a bubble bath might even be pushing it, for at least a week or two. Otherwise, it’s addictive and long lasting.



If you’re in the mood for a classic NES game with 2 player action, Bubble Bobble is it.













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