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Smackdown Title: Dawn will do what ever it takes to be on top of her game

Achievements: Dawn worked in ECW/WWE/CASGF and she has never been women's champ. She has worked with many people and she has shown her true colors and she knows what the hell she is able to do. But if you mess up and turn your back on Dawn pay back will be a bitch so you better watch what you do around the queen.

OOC Note: The real Queen of Extreme!

Sable RP

In the backstage locker room area there is a women backstage you can see her from a distance then the camera gets so much closer and it's Dawn Maire the fans are going wild, and she has a smile on her face and she makes her way down the hall and Tazz, Cole and a few announcer are backstage talking about Smackdown! And what a great show it will be and she goes to walk past them and Tazz hurries and picks up a mic and he runs down the hall.

:::..Tazz..::: Can I have a word with you

***Dawn Maire*** I don't have time for your dumb questions.

:::..Tazz..::: I wont ask any dumb questions I promise Dawn.

Dawn looks around and then she looks down the hall and she says.

***Dawn Maire*** Alright FINE!

:::..Tazz..::: Well Dawn, I wanted to be the 1st person to welcome you to the CASGF Brand of Smackdown. Now as far as I seen you did not have a match with any females from the CASGF Smackdown brand. So how does it feel to be in the CASGF Smackdown brand sence you are here?

***Dawn Maire*** I DON'T KNOW. It feel the same to me. I came here and everyone loves me, you either love me or hate me, and if you hate me well you will pay like a son of a bitch! But I was in Smackdown last time I was in a wrestling federation and now, I am back where I started but this time I am going to do more then just let things fall in place I will make sure they fall right in place when I make them to.

:::..Tazz..::: How do you think you will fit here in The Smackdown Brand?

***Dawn Maire*** THAT was a dumb question I thought you was smart!

Dawn puts her hand on her head and she shakes her head and she looks up at Tazz and she slaps right across the face and the fans are going wild and she smiles and she makes her way down the hallway where she was heading and the fans are going wild and she comes to this locker room that says Stephanie McMahon, Dawn knock and goes in.

~~~Stephanie~~~ May I help you Dawn?

***Dawn Maire*** Not really sure can you? I just wanted to tell you that I have arrived, and that the announcers suck! They don't know what the hell they are doing they need to learn how to get more skills but anyways you know

~~~Stephanie~~~ Yea, really what else is new. Well I just wanted to welcome you. I am glad that you are on board to the Smackdown! Brand of CASGF I hope you have a great time here Dawn.

***Dawn Maire*** No thank you, I am glad to be here and I will be sure to be one of the top diva!

Dawn smiles as Stephanie and she holds out her hand and they both shake and Dawn leaves her locker room and she close the door behind her, and she makes her way down the hall and the fans are going wild, then a few moments later Dawn Marie's music hits over and the fans are going wild.

***Dawn Maire*** I am here, and to tell you the truth I think this is the correct place for me. But before I got all what ever on you all I want to talk about somthing else. I want to talk about some people backstage, you see in the backstage area some of you don't know how to breat owners around here. Do you know how sick that is? Even if I hated the owner, how could you say it to their face? They are the one who pays you each week, day In and Day out. To just say, that's sad and I would never ever do that. To any of the owners here the CASGF! But now, I understand their are 2 show's their is an Smackdown show coming up soon and their is a Sat Night Revenge, well I don't think I want a match for Smackdown, I will have the match for Sat. Now I don't care vs who. Because who ever the hell it will be I will take them out, it can be any type of match that I am in. Because I will be in total control and in power of a match of that kind. So if any diva backsatge see's me out here and wants to try me, well find them come out here and see what I am all about laides! So I hope everyone that is here is ready to see what I got. Because I can bring alot to the table and any match or anywhere I will because that's how great I am!

But now, on to the guys backstage, now I know their are many, I want some one that I can be the manger of. I want to be the manger of a top guy, so I can take them far. I know what I can and I will do what ever the hell I need to. But I will be sire that I will be the best damn manger that anyone has ever had. And I don't care if it is the smallest most dumbest guy, once they are seen with me they will be the biggest thing. So if anyone back their want me in your life you know where to find me, because I will be in my dressing room waiting on some one until then bye all!

Dawn smiles and drops the mic and she goes her pose on last time. And she makes her way back up the ramp with a smile on her face. Dawn makes her way backstage and she makes her way down the hall here her dessing room is seeing it for the 1st time. She goes in and she smiles as the camera fades down to a break as the camera on her.