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Chris Fedun

Most teens have a streak of fearlessness, but Jump5's Chris Fedun is especially daring. "Chris isn't afraid to try anything," says group-mate Libby. "He's the major gymnast in the group, and he doesn't even stretch!" Chris started playing sports when he was five, later switching gears after a memorable taste of the entertainment world. "I was on stage once at Opryland USA," he recalls. "That's where I realized I like getting in front of a crowd and seeing people smile." He studied voice, piano, guitar, and gymnastics, as well as jazz, tap, ballet and hip hop dancing. As for being in Jump5, Chris feels blessed every day. "We're really positive kids," he says. "We think anyone can listen to our music and get something out of it." In school, Chris excels in History. He also loves the recording studio, and hopes to expand into songwriting and production someday. For now he's content with the hectic pace of the group's schedule. "This is normal life for me," he laughs.