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This refers to Map and Parcel numbers. THIS is the main number of importance if you're talking to us about a piece of real estate.

This number identifies your real estate's location on our tax maps. All of our real estate property data is linked to the map number. (Oh, you can access it by name or account number, but if the land owner has more than one piece of real estate in his/her name, then we still have to figure out which one is the one you're asking about. A map number can only refer to a single piece of real estate.)

Currently our map/parcel numbers breakdown as: Map-Block-Parcel-SubParcel. We don't use the "Block" designation much; in fact about 95% of our real estate accounts don't have a "Block" designation ... but some do. Also note the importance of those last two items. Map 46 Parcel 26 is NOT the same as Map 46 Parcel 26 SubParcel A.