Chattooga County Property Assessors Website



"Documentation used to determine fair market value is available upon request at a cost not to exceed $0.25 per page. The amount of your Ad Valorem tax bill for this year will be based upon the appraised and assessed values in this notice. You have the right to appeal these values to the county board of tax assessors either to be followed by an appeal to the county board of equalization or to arbitration, and in either case to appeal to the superior court. Georgia law provides that you may appeal as to matters of taxability, uniformity of assessment and value. You may exercise your rights of appeal by filing a written appeal, in letter form, which contains the location of the real property and the identification number (if any) contained in the notice - personal property should contain the account number - with the county board of tax assessors. If you wish to file an appeal, you must do so within 45 days from the date of this notice. If you do not file an appeal by this date, your right to file an appeal will be lost. If you have any questions about the reasons for the assessment change or the proper method for filing an appeal, you may contact the person listed above at the phone number provided."

Since the language on this gets a little technical (and because we are just wonderfully nice people) I have added the links to help explain some of these terms and ideas that may be foreign to you. Where possible, I have linked to the State Department of Revenue's website -- it they didn't think it was worthy of explanation, I have tried to fabricate something that (I hope) won't confuse too much.