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Chattooga County Property Assessors Website



The Governor's Taxpayer's Bill of Rights requires that we put the name of someone on this form. I think it is so you will have a name to ask for when you call (let's face it, you feel much more in control when you can call and demand to speak to "Mr. So-and-So", instead of having to ask "Who do I talk to about..?). The form only allows for the printing of one name, so our lucky and affable Chief Appraiser Leonard Barrett was volunteered to be the contact person for real estate accounts. Conversely, the lovely and charming Cindy Clark (who is our personal property appraiser) was given no choice but to be the contact for personal property questions.

To be completely honest, though, most any one of us who answers the phone will be able to answer the more general questions about your notice, help you begin the process of filing an appeal, or refer you to whoever in the office may be most qualified to answer your questions.