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Chattooga County Property Assessors Website



Every owner of property in Chattooga County is assigned a 6 digit account number. For most properties and property owners this is sufficient for us to determine whose property is whose. However, there are some owners who own more than one property (or kind of property) and there are some who own a whole bunch of properties. To differentiate those, a 3 digit line number is included.

All personal property -- boats, airplanes, store inventories, etc -- have line numbers of 001. Real estate accounts have line numbers that begin at 010 with each line thereafter (011, 012, 013, etc) being a separate piece of real estate.

Account numbers are assigned according to the name of the property owner. So if you acquire different properties using different names (husband & wife vs husband or wife, first & last name vs full name, given name vs nickname, etc) you can and will be assigned different accounts numbers for each of these properties.

Also, in order to keep accounts running in a sequential order (hopefully keeping our digest in alphabetical order) it can become necessary to reassign account numbers from time to time. That means the account number you have this year may not be the account number you had 3 or 4 years ago.