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Date of Notice / 45 Days

The "Date of Notice" marks the time from which the 45 day appeal period is counted. Please note that this is the number of days you have to FILE any appeal you wish to make concerning your property account with the Board of Assessors. The appeal does not have to be settled in that time frame, but to secure your appeal rights for any given tax year, you have to have the appeal filed with the Asessors Office no later than the 45th day after the date of notice that appears on the form. After that date, the Assessors Office has no legal authority to accept an appeal.

(Please, please, please, PLEASE note: the 45 days starts from the date of the notice. If you have moved, and your mail is forwarded, you still have 45 days from the date of the notice, not 45 days from the date of delivery. If your notice is lost in the mail ... or if anything happens to it after we submit it to the Post Office, you still have only those 45 days from the date of the notice to file an appeal. So if all your neighbors are getting notices in the mail, and you haven't gotten one -- CALL US -- (706 857 - 0737). If your value hasn't changed, we will tell you. If it has we will tell you how much and help you start the process of filing an appeal if you so wish. What we can't do is extend the deadline ... that's a matter of state regulation   (48-5-311-e2A), not county ordinance.