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Calaveras County, California



The Double Springs Cemetery is located along Highway 12, between Valley Springs and San Andreas, just North of Toyon Park and Toyon Middle School.  To reach the cemetery, turn East onto a dirt driveway which runs alongside a propane tank.  You will come to a gate.  Open the gate, drive through, and close the gate behind you.  This is a cattle ranch, please do not disturb the cattle.  At the bottom of the hill you will see the cemetery.  While in the cemetery please keep the gate closed to keep the cattle out.


The survey presented here was made by Herb Good and Bob Stoker in March 2002.  This web site houses the information in two forms, alphabetically and by location (Row and Grave).  Also, a map has been provided to help the user find who was buried near the person they are researching.  We have divided the cemetery into two sections, with the center driveway being the dividing point between the West side of the Cemetery (Side A), and the East side of the Cemetery (Side B).  The East side is twice as wide as the West side.  Graves closest to the center driveway are numbered as Grave 1, and then outward toward the fence as 2, 3, etc.  The maps also contain hyperlinks to photos of the grave sites/monuments.


Genealogical information has been provided which was obtained from the California Death Index, 1940-1997, the Calaveras County Death Index, 1850-1997, and from excerpts from Calaveras County Newspapers, 1850-1940.  Additional research may be obtained by contacting the Calaveras County Archives, 46 North Main St., P.O. Box 1281, San Andreas, CA 95249, Attention: Lorrayne Kennedy, Archivist.  Or phone (209) 754-3918 Monday, Thursday or Friday between the hours of 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.  The County charges $10/hour for research, plus the cost of copies and postage.  After contact, Ms. Kennedy will send you a Research Request Form.  On this form you can limit the amount of research hours for which you are willing to be billed, and specify the individuals you wish to have researched.  The County does not allow individual researchers to handle their archived documents.


Double Springs Cemetery, Alphabetical Listing, Surnames beginning with A through L


Double Springs Cemetery, Alphabetical Listing, Surnames beginning with M through Z


Double Springs Cemetery, Listing by Row and Grave, Side A (West side)


Double Springs Cemetery, Listing by Row and Grave, Side B (East side)


Double Springs Cemetery Map, Side A (West Side)


Double Springs Cemetery Map, Side B (East Side)







Double Springs Cemetery