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Rav Skiff

Not for everyone.  Admission? Well, you know what the admission is...

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This boat was my own design.  I borrowed heavily from Bolger's Pointy Skiff, 's FL11, and Glen-L's Drifter.  The result, a not quite right boat.  Too much rocker for an outboard (my intended purpose), not enough beam for comfort, (a little tippy with passengers), and too high-sided for such a lightweight boat--a wind would blow one all over the place.  But she was pretty to look at, don't you think?


I traded her, along with the pirogue, to a good friend of mine (he has water loving young'uns).  He reports that they haven't used them very much so far.  I did encapsulate them both in epoxy and build them strong.  I'm guessing they'll last a loooong time if he keeps them upside down and off the ground. Even longer if they are out of the weather.  It's nice to imagine his young ones playing in them, even infrequently.  They are the best kind of young people--well-mannered, strong in mind and body, and just.  The world needs more of those.   


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