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Not for everyone.  Admission? Well, you know what the admission is...

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Well of course the main purpose for this adventure is for fun, pleasure, and recreation.  So we want to attain a certain level of comfort, leisure, and relaxation.  But two weeks is a long time, and we won't be setting up camp or running the river for more than a few hours each day.  So we might as well take advantage of the situation for some creative endeavors.

Guide to the lower Altamaha 

We use this trip to write a small guide to boat camping on the lower Altamaha river.  I haven't found such a book already in print.  I hope that this does not indicate some misery or calamity in store for anyone ignorant enough to undertake such an adventure.  Like I have said, I have not travelled up the Altamaha any real distance.  I have only this year put a boat in at Ft. Barrington with my father.  I intended to travel the river a little more this year.  I guess it is still not too late. to make a few more trips.

If nothing else, we should keep a diary of our trip and take a lot of pictures.  The possibility of borrowing a video camera should be explored.

*UPDATE*  The ultimate coastal Georgia cruising guide has been written.  It is called The Georgia Coast, Waterways and Islands by Nancy Schwalbe Zydler and Tom Zydler.  It is an incredible book, loaded with detailed charts and invaluable cruising information.  They must have invested years collecting firsthand the information stored in these pages.  If you live in Coastal Georgia BUY A COPY.

The Wilderness Gourmet 

I still think a cookbook of extremely tasty recipes for camp cooking would be a great reference.  Not that there is anything wrong with beans and wieners, but the idea would be to design recipes/menus for camp cooking where the ingredients are light/portable needing little care or refrigeration, where the equipment is minimal and portable, and where taste is not sacrificed. .


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