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AF4 In Action Photos

Not for everyone.  Admission? Well, you know what the admission is...

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The AF4 is THE best sheltered water outboard cruiser under 20ft.  It is downright roomy for a boat it's size.

I built it (or at least my excuse for building it) was to provide a 2 week river trip to a friend of mine and to have a good boat for exploring the Altamaha River.  However that trip never happened.  Life happened though.  My friend and I had one too many headbutting episodes and we just gave up and parted ways, each of us believing the other initiated it.  I found myself divorced.  Then a period of emptiness and hard times, and no boatbuilding.  Followed by getting remarried, and having a period of happiness and rebuilding a life.  I used the AF4 on a couple of day trips with my father, a couple of solo camping trips, and a camping trip with my sister and her family.  But the new lady in my life really got into the boat camping thing.  Our first year of dating was marked with numerous overnight river trips.  And finally the AF4 was getting used like it deserved.  Here are a few pictures from different trips on the boat.

First Solo overnighter (on the water that is)!


Father and Son day trips.


Trips upriver with Dianne

Other trips with friends




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